Feb. 07, 2005
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Yasmine Bleeth
Star of Baywatch

From larryc: Are you still dating the actor who played Dean Frame on Another World?
I am no longer dating Ricky Paull Goldin, but we remain friends.

From mja125: How did it feel to be in the video game Maximum Surge?
Maximum Surge was a completely new experience for me. It was great to get tough and gritty. The whole concept of CD-ROM is still mind-blowing to me.

From alienrage: Don't you think David Hasselhoff needs to start picking some more real-looking women?
David is a great guy and a smart boss. How else do you explain the show being the number one international show?

From jamie_nq: Do you get along with Gena Lee Nolin offscreen? You hate each other's guts on Baywatch.
I get along very well with Gena Lee, though we are not best friends. My best friend, Nancy Valen, was cast on Baywatch this season.

From rutteger: Are the producers ever going to rename the show? I'd suggest Babewatch.
To my knowledge, there are no plans to rename the show. Though some prefer Babewatch, the truth is, the lifeguards watch the bay.

From mamacita: I am killing myself trying to remember the name of the soap you used to be on.
Please don't kill yourself! I played on Ryan's Hope and One Life to Live.

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