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Jun 21th:The Talko genealogy project today contains 1.242.153 individuals. Thanks to the many gedcom submitters!
Apr 1st:New articles in June Pelo article collection on Delphi
Dec 26th:New articles in the Quarterly collection
Sep 1st:The new Finlander forum is open.See the icon in the menu bar at the left!

Jun 1st'03:The History of Åland. See...link

Jun 1st'03:Finnish Seamen’s church in New York. Births&marriages. See...link to lookups

May 16th'03:Daniel Kiöping's descendants - New book available...see page
March 31th'03:Federal census information as registered by Alicia Koski-Marshall
March 30th: The Photo Identification Page is opened. ... see here
March 26th'03:The Swedish research project SweDia 2000 has a dialect database on the Internet that has over 100 dialects from Sweden and Finland. One can hear how the language is spoken in Munsala, Närpes and Vörå. ...to the site

Jun3rd: SFNF lodges and
their members

Jun3rd: Link collection
replaced! Here
Apr 1th: Chuck Mäki's

Apr 12th: How the Towns of Ostrobothnia Came to Be
Apr 4th:Order of Runeberg membership lists
Mar 31st'03: Lookup page opened - Bibliography Index, death records

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