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These are materials designed to support professional development in embedding learning technologies. Materials available from this site have been produced by institutions participating in EFFECTS and the ELT award, in the spirit of building a shared understanding of practice. You are welcome to re-use these materials in workshops or ELT programmes. Materials available from other sites have been used successfully in the context of ELT and EFFECTs programmes. Most are publicly available for use, but please check before downloading.

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Materials on this site were up to date as of July 2003. See the ELT in Action page for ongoing arrangements to share and collaboratively develop materials for embedding learning technologies.

Materials are organised into general resources to support staff development with learning technologies, and materials relating to the specialist ELT Learning Outcomes. You can download a copy of the Learning Outcomes and Values (40KB pdf) for more information.




General resources to support ELT programmes

Review and analyse

Design and implement

Evaluate and disseminate



General resources to support ELT programmes

Bibliography (25KB pdf) of books and articles on learning technologies, based on resources from the Plymouth, Keele, UCL and UNL courses

An annotated list of Learning Technology journals, based on material from the Plymouth, Keele and UNL courses. A more comprehensive journals page is maintained by Martin Oliver at UCL.

An annotated list of Learning Technology web sites, based on material from the Plymouth, Keele, UCL and UNL courses

An example project proposal form (7KB pdf) from the Plymouth course, showing how participants might approach their initial planning to embed learning technologies.

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Materials to support Review and Analysis

Outcome 1: Conduct a review of ICT in learning and teaching, and show an understanding of the underlying educational process
Outcome 2: Analyse opportunities and constraints in using ICT, and select ICT appropriate to the learning situation

Materials available directly from this web-site

Overview of review and analysis (667KB ppt) outcomes, from a workshop session facilitated by Stephen Bostock of Keele University

Overview of the processes of initial project definition (38KB ppt) and of student needs analysis process (294KB ppt) for a learning technology implementation project, also from Stephen Bostock

Handouts from the UMIST programme: How can IT help in teaching and learning? (39KB pdf) (links to UMIST-specific sources of support, but the model could be useful anywhere); SWOT analysis results (29KB pdf); and hand-out on student learning styles (56KB pdf).

Handouts from the Plymouth ELT course: carrying out a student needs analysis (294KB ppt); analysing the benefits and constraints of specific technologies or resources (43KB pdf); and a resource evaluation pro-forma (43KB pdf).

e-Learning: an overview (59KB pdf) from a national workshop organised by the LTSN Generic Centre and authored by Helen Beetham

Other web sites: technologies and their affordances

CMC Information Sources, the 'December list' of web sites at the cutting edge of instructional technology, includes a lot of material on the world wide web as well as CMC. The focus is on the technologies and practical considerations for their learning and teaching use.

The UK JISC online advice and guidance service deals with a wide range of available technologies, from the long-established to the most cutting edge. The search function assumes that you know what kind of technologies you are interested in.

The LTSN Generic Centre has commissioned a series of Starter Guides to various learning technologies and approaches.

The Learning Technology Guides from LTSS at Bristol offer another set of learning technology overviews.

Other web sites: online learning materials

JISC publishes a series of seven Resource Guides for different subject areas in further and higher education - useful for thinking about, finding and evaluating computer-based resources for learning and teaching.

The Resource Discovery Network is the place to search for subject-specific resources, and includes links to the Virtual Training Suite, a series of guides on getting the most from the internet in each subject area.

The Learning and Teaching Support Network carries links to a series of subject centres supporting learning and teaching in the relevant disciplines of UK HE. Their web sites generally offer online publications and annotated online resources.

Teaching and Learning on the WWW is a searchable database of learning resources and examples, mainly relevant to HE courses in the US.

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Materials to support Design and Implementation

Outcome 3: Design a learning resource, programme or activity to integrate appropriate ICT
Outcome 4: Implement a developed strategy

Materials available directly from this web site

Overview of design and implementation outcomes (109KB ppt), from a workshop session facilitated by Mark Stiles and Jenny Yorke from Staffordshire University

Designing and implementing learning technologies: a planned approach (66KB pdf), by the same authors

Guide to multimedia course development (142KB pdf) from the UNL team


Other materials: design for online learning

Design for multimedia learning is a support web for a textbook of that name, based at UNL

The Web Style Guide at Yale is an online version of the most widely-used web style guide in the world.

An introduction to accessibility issues has been produced by Janice Smith, previously at UNL, along with a multimedia showcase illustrating a wide range of applications for learning technologies.

The Techdis Web Accessibility & Usability Resource has been developed to support staff in UK HE and FE in developing accessible web-based materials to support student learning.

Two resources from the LTSN Generic Centre: Working models for designing online courses and materials and Designing to Learn: Learning to Design: an overview of instructional design models.

Other materials: supporting online learning

In addition to the 'Implementing Online Learning' section under web sites, see the following.

OTiS is an e-book about e-tutoring skills, developed collaboratively by members of the OTiS team.

ELICIT modules are online tutorials to support the integration of various learning technologies into the HE curriculum

The Computer Assisted Assessment Centre offers resources and guidance on developing effective forms of student assessment for online delivery.

Collaborative e-Learning in HE has a range of resources to support e-learning implementation with the focus on student collaboration and groupwork.

Supporting Sustainable e-Learning Forum, a special interest group of the LTSN generic centre, offers workshop materials on design and implementation of online courses.

http://www.e-tivities.com/ is a web site designed to support Gilly Salmon's two books on e-moderating and design of e-learning activities (see bibliography), with some additional resources.

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Materials to support Evaluation and Dissemination

Outcome 5: Evaluate the impact of the intervention(s)
Outcome 6: Disseminate and embed the findings of the evaluation

Materials available directly from this web-site

Overview of evaluation and dissemination outcomes (301KB ppt).

Summary of key issues in evaluation and dissemination (31KB pdf), based on a seminar run by Martin Oliver and Grainne Conole in 2003

Draft version of the Evaluation Toolkit (32KB pdf) developed by Martin and Grainne

Evaluation Guidelines (155KB pdf) and interactive documents: Evaluation Plan (36KB pdf), Action Research Plan (15KB pdf) and Teaching Observation Form (16KB pdf) from the Plymouth ELT programme

Opportunities for dissemination: a list of journals publishing learning technology-related articles and case studies and a list of conferences accepting papers on learning technology issues

Materials available from other web sites

A guide to a range of evaluation methods and procedures for studying learners' use of media, from the Institute for Educational Technology at the UK's Open University.

Framework for Evaluating Learning Technologies, on which the Evaluation Toolkit is based. You can also get a user log-in to the updated Evaluation Planner Toolkit by contacting the host site at Bristol.

The Evaluation Cookbook from the Learning Technology Dissemination Initiative: the original and still one of the best practical guides to small-scale evaluation of learning technology projects

Handbook for Learner-Centred Evaluation of computer-facilitated learning projects in HE, an Australian-based resource that despite some changes of terminology (e.g. 'Action Inquiry' for 'Action Research') is still highly relevant to UK practitioners.

Resources for the evaluation of IT in teaching and learning in Higher Education from the ELICIT project at the University of Glasgow.

Evaluating Learning Technology Resources and Approaches to Evaluating the Effect of ICT on Student Learning, two guides from the LTSN Generic Centre

A series of article templates, drawn up by writers for ALT-J, to help prepare for publishing work in the field of learning technologies.

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