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Statement On The President's Budget

February 7, 2005

The White House has sent Congress a budget that is utterly incomplete and unacceptable.

This budget does not include the cost of the war in Iraq. It doesn’t include the cost of the war in Afghanistan. It doesn’t include the true costs of making the tax cuts permanent and it doesn’t include the costs of the President’s plan to destroy Social Security.

The President sent Congress an incomplete budget because if every expenditure was included, the people would see that we can’t afford this President’s ill-conceived priorities. Even with an incomplete budget, the deficit, projected at $427 billion for 2005, will be the highest in history.

This budget is going to hurt our people– it will hurt our brave veterans by increasing their health care costs. It will hurt our states by eliminating the SCAAP program. It will hurt our local law enforcement officers by cutting the COPS program from $499 million to just $22 million.

These decisions will not stand.

The budget is a reflection of this Administration’s priorities– they are more concerned with tax cuts for the wealthiest than they are with helping our law enforcement officers. They would rather spend trillions of dollars destroying Social Security than help our veterans get the health care they need and deserve.

We need a budget that works for the American people. It’s time for us to get our economic house in order, and I will be working with my colleagues in the Senate to see that we are meeting the real needs of the people in an economically sound manner.



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