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Four years ago, it arrived. It was mean. Tough. Destructive. By the time it was finished, almost no one was left alive.

Shapeshifting alien monster? Yeah, that too. But we're talking about the INTERCEPTOR FORCE — the anti-alien team of one of SCI FI's biggest films.

Now, a new alien shapeshifter has arrived and slaughtered the personnel of a Russian nuclear power plant. She's got her hands on a hyper-fusion reactor and a cache of nuclear warheads — and is about to ignite an explosive chain reaction that will crack Earth open like an egg.

But not before she takes personal, highly painful revenge on IF leader Sean Lambert, who killed her mate.

Kickboxing action star Olivier Gruner returns as Lambert, alongside Highlander: The Raven star Elizabeth Gracen, First Wave co-star Roger R. Cross, Forever Knight co-star Nigel Bennett; and Xena's daughter, Adrienne Wilkinson.

May the INTERCEPTOR FORCE be with you. Heaven help you if it's not.

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