My '82 Bronco 'n me

351-W with Holley ProJection EFI

Aluminuminuminum "L" bracket for mounting the relays fits over the "orange juice" can on the passenger side fender well, behind the battery.

(Note that MCM Electronics sells the sockets for the relays, complete with 14 AWG wire, for less than a dollar!  I bought them but haven't installed them yet.)

BBK ceramic headers .... these babies got major hot after I took the advice of a local machine shop (the cylinder head shop) "guru" who told me to mount the distributor gear on the shaft where it didn't contact the bearing surface on the block ---- After about 1500 miles, the dizzy galled and spun a round, retarding the spark.  The Bronco coughed & sputtered about 2 more miles and died.   Upon opening the hood -- in bright sunlight -- the headers were a brilliant red hot all the way down to the collector.  This is how they look after that frustrating experience (they look great, but there's some very fine roughness of the surface that wasn't there before).  Used a piece of SS tubing to hold the dipstick tube.

I use a Holley 801 "blue" pump (very noisy!!!) as a lo-pressure feed pump.  It's mounted down on the frame and feeds the Carter pump that's stock with the Holley analog ProJection.  There's two gauges -- one for the inlet (out of the red pump) that reads about 6 psi and one for the output of the Carter that reads 15 psi.  The Carter pump is directly behind the big fuel filter can.  You  could see it, but it's black.  This all sits on the driver's side fender well under the hood and a Mallory 140 filter is down by the Holley pump.

Fuel line sheathed in heater hose for protection.  Use the Mallory aluminum line rather than the Summit line as it's thicker.  I used 3/8" brake line for most of the run, but this part, where it comes up from underneath into the engine compartment was impossible to bend before putting  in place and I couldn't bend it while installing it.  (The steel brake line required a $50 bender from Eastwood.)  I was able to bend the aluminum line by hand with spring benders.

This is where my fuel return line (3/8") comes back into the  gas tank.  I used steel  brake line and formed it into a "U" shape and then silver-soldered it into the gas tank filler neck.  The tank is on the right.  The hose clamp in the middle is securing the filler neck to the fender well.

Holley 502 ProJection (an alpha-n EFI -- not speed density as stated by Holley -- that uses only RPM and TPS to determine fuel delivered, with the added functions of temperature feedback for a "choke" function and a "delta-tps" function to simulate the carburetor accelerator pump).

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