Intention in Action™
"Loving kindness becomes skillful action through service to others"

Working with Prof Stranadko - Moscow.     Children of Chernobyl.             Tsibik & brother in Siberia.

We have been married for thirteen years and we’ve lived in many different countries, including exotic and unexplored Australia.

Both of us have children, Clif has five grandchildren; Galina’s son is 19. Clif grew up in New Zealand in a family of 6 children, (you guessed it - he was different to his siblings from the very beginning).

Galina was born in one of the Republics of the former Soviet Union and always believed in fairy tales, miracles and folk medicine.

Clif was in the advertising business and film-making until the moment he realized that there was more to life than promoting new models of washing machines. He then traveled the world learning healing techniques from Polynesian, Filipino, American Indian, Brazilian and Siberian healers and from his fellow countrymen.

Galina was a film and television director, but suddenly she was forced to become active in the Chernobyl movement because her son’s health was in danger. Life gave us a unique opportunity to meet in the midst of the Chernobyl tragedy.

You can call it synchronicity or destiny, but while we were working together in the wards of the children’s hematological hospital in Minsk, Belarus, we fell in love. Together we witnessed the despair of the mothers whose children were dying from leukemia, but at the same time we were able to bring hope and survival to many of them.
We married in New York after knowing each other for just two months.

However, it was impossible to forget the suffering of the babies, children and adults we’d met and we formed an international charity organization which took us back to Belarus and Russia every year for seven years. We provided computers and medical supplies and we conducted scientific research into bio-energetic methods of treating radiation-related illnesses. But what was most important was that we taught doctors and nurses to have a different approach to illness and our work contributed to the acceptance of bio-energetic techniques as part of the Russian medical system. 

Since then we have continued to travel together raising funds for our charity and teaching Deep Field Relaxation (DFR), Intentional Healing, Family Patterns Gatherings and Voice Work.  Now, we seldom go back to New Zealand or Australia - our focus mostly is in Europe - Germany, Italy, Holland, Denmark, U.K., where the work has a large following.