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"Loving kindness becomes skillful action through service to others"
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"The one thing I am sure of is that I know nothing." Socrates

"Train your lips to repeat as often as possible: I know nothing." The Talmud

"God does the healing, the doctor sends the bill." Mark Twain

What is today's science is tomorrow's nonsense.
There are only two absolute truths - each sentient being will one day die; you are alive this moment.
Beyond that we swim in a sea of uncertainty.
This is especially true for modern medicine.
Ultimately no one can really know what causes illness. There are far too many contributing factors.
Can anyone actually 'cure' anything? 
How does an illness arise? 
Questions that can mean life and death for millions of us. These articles do not pretend to provide the answers.  But you will find interesting ideas within here.

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