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Earth Bound by Clif Sanderson

'Earth Bound has the spiritual qualities of the best seller Celestine Prophecy ...but with Australian wit, irony and landscape...'
'This is not a novel but a guide book to the mind..'




Earth Bound introduces a new character to popular literature. Australian adventurer, Digger Mawson takes over where Indiana Jones gave up, where Crocodile Dundee slipped up and where Sherlock Holmes never dared venture. A humorous tale, expertly crafted. Philosophy, unusual insight and entertaining reading all in one bundle."

If the knowledge of when and how to build these ancient structures arose at precisely the right time then 'someone' else has been directing the different cultures for a larger reason than just to make useless artefacts left all over the planet.

Einstein said, "God Doesn't Play Dice" - nothing happens at random. If this is true, then Digger Mawson, 'Earth Bound's' hero, is on the right chariot when he declares that there is a greater knowing which will always be present in any event, no matter how apparently destructive or confusing. Letting go of the mind's suffering is the way to happiness and effectiveness.

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