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PS2 / Review / Way of the Samurai 2
Way of the Samurai 2
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Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Acquire
Release Date: Available Now
ESRB Rating: Mature - Learn more about this rating
Graphics: 3.5
Control: 3.5
Click here to view Way of the Samurai 2 screens!
1 of 21 screens
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Review by: Bro Buzz
Posted: 07/06/04 [view screens]

The original Way of the Samurai carved its way to cult status thanks to an engaging story line and swordplay that demanded patience, practice, and skills to execute one-cut kills using aggressive button-mashing. Way of the Samurai 2 should continue to satisfy fans in both regards.

This time, you play a wandering samurai, who becomes the wild card in an struggle between townsfolk, magistrates, and yakuza gangsters while endeavoring to repay the kindness of a little mute girl. As in the first game, you spend much time earning cash at a series of odd jobs as the different factions try to woo you into their respective camps.

The game's graphics, sounds, and controls also conspire adequately to move the story along. The visuals overall look sharp and are in the style of most Capcom adventure games. The camera, however, bangs around the landscape but eventually settles on decent gameplay views. Characters vocalize key story info in a slow and deliberate manner during cinema sequences, but a snappy menu system enables you take care of business.

Samurai swordplay is the draw here, but it's definitely an acquired taste. Swordfights are tuned to a sort of one-cut, one-kill style that forces you to play for position and counterattacks. The game also features a great move system that endows swords that you obtain during the game with a variety of attacks. Don't walk into Samurai 2 expecting action like in Kill Bill, Vol.2. In fact, you can pursue the multiple endings with minimal swordplay if you like. The way of the samurai is a lengthy road that rewards those who show patience and persistence.

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