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Enjoy BitTorrent? It's time to step up and support it.
(12/28 UPDATE!) LokiTorrent is officially being sued by the MPAA!
Image of the legal paper here and the entire complaint here

If you've ever benefited from this site or file-sharing in general, now is the time to show your support. Help us fight back and ensure your right to share doesn't end here.

- 48%

$14,323 in legal support and $4,546 in site support so far this month

All donations are now updated live! - Thanks to those who have already shown their overwhelming support.
Every penny of the legal fund goes towards legal and other costs associated with saving peer-to-peer.
Every penny of the site fund goes towards paying for this site (currently $4,000 per month!).

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>  01/28 - Have a recommendation for LokiTorrent? (by lowkee)
While I'm close to making LokiTorrent go 'gold' in it's layout and coding, I'm sure there are some smaller details I have left out, as I barely have time to use the site anymore. So, this is when you, our members come in. Let us know what you wish this site had and we'll see if we can't add it before we polish this site off as a finished work (yeah right, I thought that months ago, haha).

The 'Site Requests' forum as well as our 'Site Support' forum has been wiped out to acommodate your wants and gripes. All we ask is that you PLEASE check to make sure your idea hasn't been requested already, and if it has, please simply add your idea to the existing topics.

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing what can improve this crazy busy site, as I'm fresh out of ideas, hehe.

The LokiTorrent Staff

>  01/27 - LokiTorrent up for sale? (by lowkee)
I now know what it's like to be a politician. Every move, no matter how small, gets posted as news.

As some of you may have read recently on some p2p news sites, LokiTorrent.com is posted as 'for sale' on Sedo.com.

If you ran a website (and some of your do), wouldn't you be curious how much it was worth?

It's common knowledge that most people that buy websites don't buy them to continue running them. They simply nab the mailing list, spam everyone, then make the site into one big sponsored search engine and pop-up gallery. ...The exact reason selling it would mean scrapping an entire year's worth of work that I and the entire volunteer team at LokiTorrent have put into making a worthwhile community site.

If some guy offers me $75K for the domain name, he's more than welcome to it, and I'll simply move the site to a different domain. Selling the entire site will never happen. I have way too much of myself in this site to sell it for any price (well, 2 million could get me to part with it, lol.. but let's live in reality).

As for the legal fund.. if I were going to run off, I would have already. That money is for the lawsuit, as stated. Only those who would run off with the money thought we would.

The legal fund is an enormous sum, and it shows exactly who supports p2p rights. Those who called it a scam and haven't put a few bucks in don't deserve the work, money and time I and the rest of the supporters of LokiTorrent and other p2p sites have put into their projects. If it were up to them, the internet would be nothing more than porn spam and fake college degrees.

Lead by example. We're fighting for your rights, the right to run our site and up until recently I have been spending my OWN money (thousands of it!) to keep LokiTorrent running for this past year. It was only recently when we began making our bills.. just in time for them to double from extra bandwidth usage.

If there were so many who jump on the 'it's a scam' bandwagon every time we make a change or entertain curiousity, this website (and many other user supported sites) would never exist. I can't tell you how many people I've seen say 'That lawsuit is a fake, anyone can make up a bogus suit'

Yeah, tell that to the MPAA. I'd love nothing more than to make that rediculous suit vanish.

Write an article on that.


>  01/23 - Our official stance on eXeem (by lowkee)
There has been tons and tons ... and tons of talk about eXeem being the new way to use peer to peer.

We at LokiTorrent completely agree. The premise of eXeem sounds quite nice. The unfortunate fact remains that the once great people at suprnova are not in control of this application. Many of suprnova's higher-ups have left the once-great site as a result of this fact.

Touted as the savior of peer-to-peer, eXeem ended up becoming nothing more than a new version of KaZaa, cydoor spyware included.

Early warning of this began when news came out of eXeem being closed-source, a world-known indicator that someone has become too greedy and any chance of it being 'for the community' are forfeit.

We sincerely wish the people at suprnova the best in future endeavors, but it is apparent that signing up with an 'unnammed corporation' was the undoing of what could have been the 'next best thing' in peer-to-peer community sharing.

We hope that, and will continue to work towards, peer-to-peer becoming a viable alternative for those not wishing to pay 90% of the profits made from their hard work and talent to the likes of the MPAA and RIAA to distribute their works. This is, after all, why peer-to-peer exists; the spead of information and creative works by those who wish to share them with the world, actually be able to share them without having to ask permission to do so from the money-hungry distributers hell-bent on making a mockery of the great concept of the internet.

In light of these facts, the new application eXeem has been banned from our site. This does not mean that we at LokiTorrent are not supportive of new forms of peer-to-peer, but simply that we don't wish our members to submit to spyware privacy invasion in order to simply share files.

Best wishes,

The LokiTorrent Staff

>  01/23 - New 'donor-only' privileges (by lowkee)
Those of you reading this may have already noticed the missing left-hand column. We have removed it in order to clean up the site. We have also expanded our site chat to display more lines at once.
In order to provide more services to our ever-growing member base, we have instituted donor-only site features.

This allows us to provide high-bandwidth services without those who do not support the site putting us WAY over budget. We still provide 99% of our services completely no-charge at our expense, but at $4000/month server fees we simply cannot afford to keep everything open to those who offer no support.

On the 'Daily Torrents' page, all people who have 'donor' status (received by making a site donation) now have access to 4 previous day's torrent listings. Donors will also receive our daily torrent mailings selectable in your 'Settings' page.

These services were initially open to all, but massive bandwidth requirements forced us to remove free access. Before we get five thousand evil e-mails, these services are simply 'perks' of donor status and are not features required to use this site, so not supporting us does not keep you from using this site, living your life or represent your being somehow oppressed by the loki-man.

(please note, donor status does not appear from earlier donations, as manually going through and crediting hundreds of donations would be quite impossible).

Also, we will be making some changes throughout all of our site in the coming week as we make a site-wide cleanup of our content, making the site not only more intuitive, but more content-rich!

Happy torrenting!

- The LokiTorrent Staff

>  Recent Additions/Changes
>  01/29 - All site bans removed! (by lowkee)
As I have been getting complaints (again) regarding people being banned from this site for very small offenses.

In response, we are removing ALL bans from the site. Yes, this means the morons that deserve a ban will get a second chance, as well.. but hey, everyone should get a chance to use Loki, as it's here for all.


The Loki Staff

>  01/02 - Forum separation (by lowkee)
We have officially separated our forums from lokitorrent.com

This means that all signups to lokitorrent are now ONLY for lokitorrent. You must now signup for our forums separately. This is mainly because we moved our forums to their own server in order to lessen the load on our SQL server. The forums now have their very own web abd SQL servers.

Let us know of any issues you have with this new setup, although there should be none.

>  12/18 - New Torrent Listing Page! (by lowkee)
We have consolidated our search and torrent listing pages, completed recoded our listings layout and adding even more functionality to LokiTorrent.

Now searching and browsing are located all on the same page.

"Why waste the extra click?" is our motto! Enjoy!

>  11/07 - Few new site changes/additions (by lowkee)
We have added a 'Politics/Educational' section for all of you who are tired of sorting through tons of categories to find relevant info. Note: the existing torrents have not moved, only new torrents will be listed here.

We have also instituted a 'warning' system in our forums, instead of flat out banning abusers. We're hoping this is a good step in making LokiTorrent forums a kinder, gentler forum for all who use it, as we don't want to have to ban someone for making 1 mistake.

>  Coming Attractions/Recent Issues
>  11/04 - Recent outages (by lowkee)
It appears we at LokiTorrent have been the target of a few DoS attacks recently, please bear with us as we work through these. All people involved with these attacks will soon be hearing a knock on their doors, as the authorities are contacted for each occurance and logs are saved.

Let this be warning to all future 13 year olds out there.

>  10/24 - Site Bans (by lowkee)
As we have had many complaints with unjustified bans recently, I have tightened the reigns on those mods who have been banning people from this site for poor reasons (and removed MANY unjustified bans). Rest assured, unless it's a major issue, you will not risk banning from this site from now on. My apologies for any issues in the recent past on this matter.

>  10/24 - MuffTorrent.com delayed (by lowkee)
MuffTorrent.com is still in the works. I'm trying to finish up some last minute LT.com improvements before I make the jump to MuffTorrent, just so both sites are nice and feature-rich (and mostly bug-free). It'll be worth the wait, I promise!

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