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"To pass judgement on things which are high and mighty,
a soul of kind is required,
otherwise we only pass on the vice which is ours."

Montaigne (1533 - 1592)

A few facts... sorry, I meant stats:
Percentage of non-custodial mothers who pay child support in Canada: 1%
Percentage of custodial mothers awarded child support orders: 94%
Percentage of custodial fathers awarded child support orders: 30%
Ratio of women vs. men who gain sole custody: 7 to 1
Number of years this ratio has remained constant: 10 years

Revenue Canada; Ross Finney's report to Justice Department Canada


By Glenn Cheriton of Men's Health Network.

  1. Impact on single custodial fathers
  2. Impact on non-custodial fathers and their children
  3. Impact on custodial mothers and co-parenting
  4. Impact on non-custodial mothers
  5. Impact on second wives, step-mothers, grand-mothers
  6. Impact on intact families
  7. Tax, support, and the canadian economy
  8. Best Interests of the Children?
  9. Procedural and research problems with Justice Canada
  10. Family abuse issues and the issue of financial support

Get your own copy of Bill C-41 at the ministry of Justice's web site.

Amendments to C-41, as proposed by concerned groups.