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Where are they now? Find your former coworkers from the Eden of Mac journalism. Stephen Howard-Sarin compiled this list starting in June 2001 with lots of help from David Morgenstern and Raines Cohen. I know there are lots of people missing, so please send updates to macweek@Oct17.com.
Name (e-mail) Current gig (personal site) Dates, distinctions
Eric ADAMS   Sleeperwave
Cynde AHART   SmartAge [TK]
Michele AHERN   Microsoft: mediacenter.msn.com (in NYC); roomies with Tammy 1989 to 1992  
Shari Lynn ALLISON   TK 1987 to TK  
Jennifer AMBRULEVICH   Formerly in Hawaii, back in SF
Shari ANDERSON   TK 1987 to TK  
Kandy ARNOLD   Philips 1990  
Mariann Hansen BARSOLO   Acquisitions editor, Sybex 1990 to 1997  
John BATTEIGER   San Francisco Chronicle
John BATTELLE   Visiting Professor, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism 1988 to TK  
Brenda BENNER   Own business: Freelance editor
Nevin BERGER   Former Web creative director, Worldsavings.com 1989 to 1995  
Keith BOWERS   Formely of Ziff Davis Smart Business
Karen BRANNAN   Last seen in SoCal
Emily BROWER   Doing PR somewhere 1987 to TK  
Dartanyan BROWN   Teacher in Marin [TK]
Betsy CARNEY   Communications specialist for SOM; famous heckler; living with Kottenbach 1987 to TK  
Nancy CARTER   TK 1988 to TK  
Christina Follmann CHAVIRA   Own business: freelance writing/editing -- in Chico, Calif.!
Abi CHRISTOPHER   TK 1987 to TK  
Jeff COHEN   TK 1988 to TK  
Raines COHEN   Own business: Communitarian Visions (raines.com) 1989 to 1994  
Cliff COLBY   Peachpit Press
Dale COLEMAN   MIA 1987 to TK  
Cate CORCORAN   Last seen at PeoplePC
Cate C. CORCORAN   Last seen at InfoWorld
Marty CORTINAS   Own business: freelance writer/editor
Suzanne "Bones" COURTEAU   Teaching English in Mexico eMediaWeekly
Fu*kz Club!  
Elinor CRAIG   Own business: Retirement Insider (defunct?) 1987 to TK  
Carla Daiss POSTHAUER   Programs development manager, DevX 1988 to TK  
Anita DENNIS   Own business: writing and editing (AnitaDennis.com) eMediaWeekly
Fu*kz Club!  
Griffin DIX   TK 1987 to TK  
Debra DI BLASI   Fiction writer/screenwriter/art columnist. Creative writing teacher at Kansas City Art Institute. Hey, all you wannabes: She's written actual BOOKS! (Personal Web site) 1989 to 1989
Andrea DUDROW   Production editor, Abrams Books in NYC (dudrow.com)
Karl ELKEN   PC Magazine, Ziff Davis Media eMediaWeekly
Fu*ckz Club!  
Sam FAILLACE   Microsoft (in Redmond)
Dan FARBER   SVP editorial development, CNET Networks 1988 to TK  
John FARNSWORTH   Own business: Farnsworth Design 1993to 1999,
Ric FORD   Editor-in-chief, MacInTouch.com 1987 to TK  
Chris Vynhalek GALBRAITH   Own business: digital produciton artist (new baby) 1988 to 1993  
Rochelle GARNER   Own business: writing & editing 1988 to TK  
Shelly GARGUS   Living in NYC's east village, purpose unknown 1987 to TK  
Tami GARGUS   Production artist at NBC (in NYC) First employee
1987 to TK  
Kerry GATES   Publisher, MSDN Magazine 1989 to TK  
Kelvin GEE   XUMA eMediaWeekly
Fu*kz Club!  
Tom GELLER   Real estate agent
Michael GOODWIN   TK 1987 to TK  
Andy GORE   Formerly at Macworld
Jeff GREEN   Editor, Computer Gaming World
Connie GUGLIELMO   Own business: writing and editing 1987 to TK  
Rebecca GULICK   Peachpit Press
Mark HALL   Editor at Large, ComputerWorld
Melody Kean HALLER   President, Antenna Group (PR firm) 1987 to 1989  
Missy HAMILTON   TK 1988 to TK  
Serena HERR   Editorial director, Adobe.com eMediaWeekly
Fu*kz Club!  
Robert HESS   Dead
Lenny HEYMANN   Vice president of content, NetWorld+Interop
Charles HOBLITZELLE   TK 1987 to TK  
William HOOVEN   TK 1987 to TK  
Jonathan HORNSTEIN   VP at Softpress 1988 to TK  
Stephen HOWARD-SARIN  AVP of ZDNet.com at CNET Networks (October17.com) 1988 to 1997  
J.T. JOHNSON   TK First editor
1987 to TK  
Leander KAHNEY   Wired News
Michelle KELLOGG   Own business: Designer, product art director for Red Lantern Design
Lee KERR   TK 1988 to TK  
Barri KLINGAMAN   in Minnesota?
Kathy KOTTENBACH   Back in SF; living with Carney (!) 1988 to TK  
Caroline KWOK   TK 1988 to TK  
Catherine LACROIX   TK, formerly Tendo Communciations
Michael LAMATTINA   TK 1988 to TK  
Margaret LEE   Last seen in Filene's Basement
Michelle LEE   TK
Cliff LEHMAN   TK 1987 to TK  
Ellie LEISHMAN   TK, formerly Macworld 1988 to TK  
Chuck LENATTI   Last seen at Business 2.0
Rick LEPAGE   President and editorial director, Macworld 1987 to TK  
Chuck LENATTI   TK 1987 to TK  
Jonathan LITTMAN   Writing books 1987 to 1987  
Pete LONGO   EVP & Publishing director, Ziff Davis Media
Anita MALNIG  EVP of Content Development, Right Brain Marketing (with Vicki Welch) 1988 to TK  
Janice MALONEY   Home with first-born 1988 to TK  
Tim MANOUSOS   Home with first-born, looking for tech-writing gig
Anne MATERA   Own business: freelance book editing; living outside Albany, N.Y. TK  
Renee MATTHEWS   Last seen at Claris 1988 to TK  
Wendy MATTSON   TK eMediaWeekly
Fu*kz Club!  
Will MCCLATCHY   TK 1988 to TK  
Neil MCMANUS   Last seen in Europe
David MORGENSTERN  Own business: Freelancing (davidMorgenstern.com), and storage guy for Ziff Davis eMediaWeekly
F*ckz Club  
Russ NORDMEYER   Formerly of Industry Standard
Henry NORR   Now famously former columnist, SF Chron 1987 to TK  
Bernard OHANIAN   National Geographic 1988 to TK  
Patty ORSINI   Executive editor, AdWEEK (lives in same N.J. town as Matthew!) TK  
Kirsten PARKINSON   English professor, Hiram College 1992 to 1994
Donna PECK   TK 1987 to TK  
Joanna PEARLSTEIN   Research editor, Wired magazine
Jonathan PERROW   TK 1988 to TK  
Pam PFIFFNER   General manager & editor-in-chief, CreativePro.com
Sean PFISTER   TK 1988 to TK  
John POULTNEY   Executive editor, Communications Systems Design/CMP Media Inc.
Heather QUAYLE   eWEEK
Richard RAWLES   TK 1988 to TK  
Amy RICHARDSON   StageBill
Missy ROBACK   Own business: Honeybee Publishing
Matthew ROTHENBERG  Best practices editor, Baseline magazine 1989 to 2000  
Dan RUBY   TK 1987 to TK  
Kelly RYER   Peachpit Press
Carolyn SAID   San Francisco Chronicle 1988 to TK  
Maria SAMPLE   TechTV
Leslie SAPERSTEIN   TK 1987 to TK  
Steven SHALIT   Worldweb.Net
Gevin SHAW   Freelance Graphic Design: www.grafx.gs 1996 to 1999
David SMITH   TK 1987 to TK  
Steve SPINGOLA   Macworld. Also, own business: Phone Booth bar
Pete STANGEL   TK 1988 to TK  
James STATEN   Sun's Network Storage Division
Laura STOLL   Own business: Freelance graphic artist 1988 to TK  
JoAnn STURTRIDGE   Dead 1988 to TK  
April STREETER   in Scandinavia?
Gary SUEN   Creative director, ICONOCAST 1988 to TK  
Jonathan SWARTZ   Technology reporter, USA Today 1987 to TK  
1987 to TK  
Ben Templin   Now a lawyer, I think
Sue TROY   Managing editor, eWEEK; living in Hampstead, N.H. 1988 to TK  
Daniel Drew TURNER   Own business: Freelance writing eMediaWeekly,
Fu*kz Club!  
Gail WAGNER   TK 1987 to TK  
Mitzi WALTZ   Own business: freelancing (MitziWaltz.com) 1988 to TK  
Becky WARING   Own business; she's writing all over 1988 to TK  
Suzanne WEBER   TK 1988 to TK  
John WEBSTER   TK 1988 to TK  
Jiri WEISS   TK 1987 to TK  
Nathalie WELCH   PR, Apple Computer
Ted WELCH   TK 1988 to TK  
Vickie WELCH   Own business: Right Brain Marketing (with Anita Malnig)
Carolyn WEST   Mom (New baby's Web site) 1988 to TK  
Rusty WESTON   Editor of InformationWeek.com and InformationWeek Research 1987 to TK  
Kathy WHITE   Charles Schwab
Clair WHITMER   Own business: writing and editing (seeks to be a private investigator, though) 1987 to TK  
Margie WYLIE   Cyberspace and technology writer for Newhouse News Service (work bio -- notice what's missing?)
Laslo VESPREMI   TK 1987 to TK  
Fellow Travelers
Don CRABB   Dead Columnist  
Bruce FRASER   Own business: freelance writing Reviewer, columnist  
Andy IHNATKO   TK On staff for one week  
Avi RAPPOPORT   Own business: Search Tools Consulting (searchtools.com) Indexer, writer  
Mark SIMMONS   TK ZiffNet/Mac  
Mac THE KNIFE   Dead (Naked Mole Rat) Columnist  
Kirk VAN DRUTEN   Own business: LANsharks consulting Network consultant  

  • We travel in packs. At latest count:
    • Ziff Davis Media (the new one) has 5
    • ICONOCAST has 2 (down from 4)
    • Peachpit Press claimed 3 alumni (and it used to be four)
    • SF Chronicle snagged 3
    • CNET bagged 3
    • Microsoft has 3
    • Macintouch scored 2
    • Mac Publishing LLC is down to 2
  • Four alumni live in the Bernal Heights neighborhood of SF; four others live in New York City (and one in Mapplewood, NJ)
  • I count two intra-staff marriages
  • David Morgenstern has a photo page from the 2nd commemoration of the involuntary formation of the eMediaWeekly Fu*kz! Club. Contact him for news on the monthly-ish meetings.