Jane Wyman / Robert Foxworth

Jane Wyman and Robert Foxworth had several misunderstandings, above all it was reflected that Falcon Crest became Jane Wyman's show and Foxworth had to take a back seat. Foxworth often threatened with leaving the show. The Producers calmed him down with letting him direct several episodes, which wasn't a pleasure for Jane Wyman. There are rumors that every time Foxworth received a director's salary she received the same salary, too. One day, Foxworth found out that Jane's trailer was six inches longer than his one and he demanded the same for him.

Jane Wyman / Susan Sullivan

Susan Sullivan and Jane Wyman liked to work together, Sullivan says about Jane: "Wyman was a very strong influence."

Jane Wyman / David Selby

David Selby loved the scenes with Jane Wyman when they fighted each other. They both had a very good relationship and when he received the Soap Opera Digest Award, he thanked Jane Wyman in his speech. Later he said about Jane: "I love Jane Wyman. She appears to me everything that it means to be a real professional."

Jane Wyman / Lorenzo Lamas

Jane Wyman and Lorenzo Lamas had a very good relationship. She gave him helpful hints and Lorenzo cared very much for her health and watched her on the set (especially in later years when she was ill). They both had a running gag: In the early episodes Lorenzo had no contact lenses and used to blink with the eyelash. Wyman said to him: "Don't give me that Valentino Look", even in front of the camera. Jane was invited to his wedding with Abby Dalton's daugther Kathleen Kinmont. The only thing Jane did not like about Lorenzo were his tatoos.

Jane Wyman / Ana-Alicia

The producers wanted someone strong for the part of Melissa, somebody who could stand against Angela Channing. But when Ana got the part she felt awed by Jane Wyman. One day, Jane challenged her: "Honey, are you really giving me your best?" Ana admitted: "I'm scared to death". "You can do it!" Jane answered and Ana could. She really gave it to her. After finishing the scene Jane told her: "We were like two catholic birds of prey or like two cats with our claws out." and they laughed. Ana tells: "One of my favorite things in the show is to fight with Jane Wyman."

Jane Wyman / William R. Moses

WWilliam R. Moses describes playing opposite Jane Wyman as an education. "She's a movie star, and that comes off in everything she does. Just being around her is fun. But there are times when the fun takes a little finding. Jane, you know... if she doesn't like what you're doin', she'll tell ya right away. For instance, I rehearsed a scene with her the other night and it was like... she directed me through the whole rehearsal. And that's a little disconcerting at first - you don't often have the other actor directing you - but you relax and you roll with the punches and you learn. You gotta be smart enough to at least listen, because, uh - if you don't, you're a fool."

Jane Wyman / Lana Turner

Jane Wyman and Season 1/2-Gueststar Lana Turner did not get along very well. While Jane was playing cards with the crew in the breaks Lana stayed in her trailer, was always late, did not knew her lines and behaved herself like a Diva. Jane threatened: "Either her or me!" Lana's part was written out by the end of season 2.

Jane Wyman / Kim Novak

Against all rumors Jane Wyman and season6-gueststar Kim Novak had a very good relationship and liked to work with each other. Jane admired Kim's discipline, her promptitude and her professionalism (in contrast to Lana Turner she always knew her lines.) There are some articles which say that Jane threatened with leaving the show when she learned the producers would not extend Kim's contract after the end of season 6 because she loved working with her.
When Kim arrived, Jane gave a party to welcome her.

Jane Wyman / Mel Ferrer

Originally, Jane Wyman and Mel Ferrer were very good friends and used to phone after shooting. But when Mel was fired after season 3 Jane's calls suddenly stopped. Mel was sure that Jane was behind his sudden sacking and said that in the pubic.

Jane Wyman / Gina Lollobrigida

There are different reports about the relationship between Jane Wyman and Seaon4-gueststar Gina Lollobrigida. Some articles say that Jane fumed when she learned to know that the "Lollo" should come to the show and demanded to fire Gina or she wouldn't come to work. Other articles say that there were no big problems between them, but Jane said that Gina wasn't very intelligent.

Jane Wyman / Rod Taylor

Jane Wyman and Rod Taylor have been good friends for years and Jane invited him to the show. Tod Taylor commended the good atmosphere on the set and said that everybody gave his best.

Jane Wyman / Eddie Albert

JJane Wyman and Eddie Albert knew each other from earlier days and starred together in a movie in 1938. Albert really loved working on Falcon Crest and he was very impressed that the shooting for 12 episodes in the Napa Valley was done at the same time and that Jane was up at 4.00 every morning to learn her lines.

Jane Wyman / Brett Cullen

Brett Cullen about Jane Wyman: "Working with her was a great treat because she is one of the greatest leading ladies all time."

Jane Wyman / Margaret Ladd

Margaret Ladd and Jane Wyman had a very good realtionship and it was Jane, who helped Margaret through a difficult crisis after a sad experience: a two-year-old girl next-door to Margaret abruptly died. The mother brought the still senseless girl to Margaret and they desperately tried to revitalize her. Margaret called the emergency physican and ran into the street, crying for a close-by doctor. But it was no use, the girl died. Margaret reproached herself and first talked to Jane. She was there for her. Margaret Ladd about Jane Wyman: "Jane Wyman is the person I like most to work with. There is something special in our relationship. On screen and off screen, even though we are no intimate friends. I like Jane very much and I think she likes me, too."

Jane Wyman / Dana Sparks

Jane Wyman gave Dana Sparks helpful hints as keeping your energy on screen when the environment is big, for example shooting of big gala parties.

Jane Wyman / Abby Dalton

Abby Dalton loved working with Jane Wyman, commended her discipline. They both uses to phone today, Abby sometimes visits Jane at home.

Jane Wyman / Bob Curtis

Jane Wyman and Bob Curtis were good friends before Falcon Crest and they still are.

Jane Wyman / Apollonia

As there were so much aggravation on the set of Falcon Crest because of Apollonias growing on screen presence Jane finally put her foot down and ended Apollonia's part. Furthermore it says, she called Apollonia a "hippie".

Jane Wyman / Kristian Alfonso

Kristian Alfonso accented how much she liked working with Jane Wyman and what a great actress she is. She also says that she learned a lot from her.

Susan Sullivan / Robert Foxworth

Rumors say that the relationship between Susan Sullivan and Robert Foxworth wasn't the best. Foxworth's former wife Elizabeth Montgomery ought to be very jealous and Foxworth should attacked Susan in rage. The producers finally decided to end up their onscreen marriage and to end the common working of the actors. After that Foxworth left the show.

Susan Sullivan / Margaret Ladd

Margaret Ladd about Susan Sullivan: "She is the person I am closest to on the show. "

Susan Sullivan / David Selby

The chemistry between Susan Sullivan and David Selby was not only the best in front of the camera, they both got along very well behind the scenes. They both were friends and used to laugh a lot, especially because of Susan's many jokes. In an interview of "Entertainment this week" they both told viewers how much they respect each other and how much fun they have working together.

Susan Sullivan / Ana-Alicia

Susan Sullivan and Ana-Alicia are good friends. When Ana was fired from the show, Susan called her to say that she thinks that firing her was a big mistake. Ana sends Susan a Christmas card every year.

Susan Sullivan / Brett Cullen

Susan Sullivan and Brett Cullen liked much to work with each other. Brett about Susan: "She is great!"

Ana-Alicia / Lorenzo Lamas

Ana-Alicia and Lorenzo Lamas got along very well on the set and hold contact after the Falcon Crest age. After firing Ana, Lorenzo placed emphasis on how great working was with her, how much fun they had. Especially in 1982, when Lorenzo and his former wife Victoria Hilbert divorced, Ana helped him through that crisis. After Falcon Crest, she starred twice in his show "Renegade" and she invited him to her wedding. Rumors say that the both had an affair while filming Falcon Crest.

Ana-Alicia / William R. Moses

William R. Moses and Ana-Alicia got along very well, too. Moses about Ana: "The most striking difference between Ana and Melissa is that Ana is truly a sweet person. She's a good friend and she's silly. She's a real giggle box. When she came on the show she gave it a kind of rebirth, she brought a lot of energy." Even years after leaving Falcon Crest she invited him to her marriage.

Ana-Alicia / David Selby

Ana-Alicia and David Selby liked each other very much on the set of Falcon Crest. When he received a Soap Opera Digest Award he thanked her in his speech, besides his wife, Jane Wyman and Susan Sullivan.

Ana-Alicia / Brett Cullen

Brett Cullen about Ana-Alicia: "I loved working with her. She is a great girl and we had a lot of fun at work. "

Brett Cullen / Dana Sparks

Brett Cullen and Dana Sparks got along very well and they're still friends. From time to time they both meet each other to golf.

Margaret Ladd / Abby Dalton

Margaret Ladd and Abby Dalton had a good relationship. While playing their last scene in Season 6, Margaret had many memories to her own sister, which whom she had a very comlicated relationship with.

Lorenzo Lamas / Kristian Alfonso

Lorenzo Lamas and Kristian Alfonso liked each other very much. Kristian's first scene was the midnight-swminning love scene, where she was only wearing a flesh-colored body stocking a body, it was 11.00 pm and very cold. But she did the scene and didn't show how hard it was for her. Lorenzo was very impressed by his new colleague and commended: "She didi it like a champ that night, and she immediately became part of the gang."

Lorenzo Lamas / Robin Greer

Lorenzo Lamas dated Robin Greer on the set of Falcon Crest. At that time, "Lance" and "Melissa" reconvened. But Robin Greer had something against their love scenes and made sure, that the onscreen marriage broke off.

Lorenzo Lamas / Daphne Ashbrook

Lorenzo Lamas and Daphne Ashbrook had a lot of fun on the set of Falcon Crest. Enough fun that their relationship became an affair and Daphne had a baby child from Lorenzo. The relationship didn't last very long.

Lorenzo Lamas / William R. Moses

Lorenzo Lamas and William R. Moses got along very well. Cit. Moses: "We are very close, he's my best friend on the show." On the set they both laughed a lot and Lorenzo told William sometimes how much he would like to play his part and William told him in return he'd like to play the "bad guy". Together they both drove car racings.

Morgan Fairchild / Apollonia

Morgan Fairchild was brought in the show to help knocking off Miami Vice but at the beginning of season 5 she only had one or two lines per episode. In contrast Apollonia arrived (after Morgan) and was the new star on the show. Morgan was furious and fumed "She got preferential treatment. If she were Liz Taylor or Lauren Bacall, I could understand. With 18 characters on the show, nobody but Apollonia had much to do. I didn't want to sit on the edge of a desk and say one line."

Mariska Hargitay / Bob Curtis

Mariska Hargitay once was a student in Bob Curtis' parish and he founds it interesting to see her again on the set of the show.