The Envoys and the Code of Conduct
posted on 27-Feb-2004

From Katahdin, our Customer Support Manager.

There have been many questions regarding how the Code of Conduct will be enforced by Turbine Customer Service. As Customer Service Manager, I'd like to take this opportunity to clarify some of those questions:

  1. The CoC is not changing right now. As I said in an earlier post, I'd like to enforce the rules as they are written now, to get a feel for whether new rules are needed. Changes could be made to it later this summer; we will see if they are necessary.
  2. Bans will now be across all servers. For example, if you get banned on Thistledown for profanity, we will ban your account on all the other servers for the same length of time as the original.
  3. From now on, 3 strikes and you are out. 3 bans for any combination of CoC violations will suspend your account for one year. For particularly abusive behavior, we reserve the right to ban you for a year without 3 strikes. As we will be keeping a database of the number of bans on accounts, if we discover on review any duration of a ban is actually your third, we will re-ban for the year.
  4. UCM The UCM test will be administered in much the same manner that it is today. Why? Because it works. Let me clarify a few points:
    1. When you are the subject of a UCM test, you are put into limbo, where you can neither take any damage, nor give any.
    2. The AC client itself suppresses combat messages from your chat window. We cannot make any accommodation for the 'spam' you receive from either fellowship, allegiance chat or any third party plug-ins.
    3. The steps in the UCM test are for a reason, not because we find them entertaining or are trying to embarrass a player. You are asked to do a number of steps because each of them is important. Very few unattended combat macro's can perform each step of the UCM test; some can only do a few, some can do more, but none of them can do all of them. Your failure to repeat the string of characters or the short sentence within the time allowed (30 seconds) constitutes a fail of the test. If you pop in at 34 seconds or, for that matter, 1 minute and some spare seconds, it does not change the fact that the time allowed was exceeded.
    4. If you refuse the UCM test, or fail any section, you will be banned.
    5. If you log out during a UCM test, you will be banned.
    6. UCM will be enforced on all servers. No exceptions.
    7. Mages if you are vulning for another player, your character is subject to UCM tests too.
    8. Duration of bans:
      1. First offense 3 days all servers
      2. Second offense 7 days all servers
      3. Third offense 1 year, all servers.

      I know the above reads harshly, but UCMs are a top problem; they hog areas and deprive characters playing legitimately of a level playing field. You can count on the fact that we're going to be doing a lot of UCM checks. If we happen to pick you in error for a UCM, please bear with us; we're trying to make the game better for us all.

    9. Profanity Profanity, hate speech and vulgarity are violations of the CoC. Using this type of language in open chat is a violation and we take these reports seriously. If you are getting /tells which contain objectionable language and an Envoy asks you to squelch the player, please do so. We are not trying to ignore your request; we are trying to force the chat into the open. Yes, we can get logs of all chat in the game; however, it takes time. We would rather deal with the situation at that moment and could use the assistance of person who reports the problem. Please don't argue with the Envoy over this; we need your assistance to clean it up. Allegiances and Fellowship who report profanity or hate speech on their channels will be asked to expel the player from the allegiance or fellowship. These are voluntary relationships and if you object to it, then you have the right to leave or to petition your monarch to clean up your ranks.
    10. Racist remarks and hate speech will not be tolerated. If an Envoy observes this behavior, no warning is required. You will be banned.
    11. Appeals. You can appeal bans. You cannot appeal bans on any of the forums, through in-game support or through any employee's email at Turbine. You must use a link that will be found on the Asheron's Call home page and provide the appropriate information.
    12. Offensive names We are looking into this and as soon as I have more information about how we will proceed, I'll let you know. For now, characters that are under level 20 will be asked to delete the character. If you refuse, you will be banned across all servers and it will count as a strike. Characters over level 20 may be asked to voluntarily rename the character. If you refuse, we have the option of renaming it for you or simply deleting it.

      That said: Please don't panic. If you are over level 20, I want to work with you, because some players have been allowed to have offensive names for years through lack of enforcement. However, some of the names simply have to go, so we'll work with you to pick an appropriate name.

    That's it for now; I think I hit all the big ticket items. In closing, I want to say that we are thrilled to be bringing player support home to Turbine. We love the game, too, and want it to be a great time with a level playing field for all players.

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