DU Educational Technology Services, Inc.

(DUETS, Inc.)

Diversity University Main Campus is extraordinary and unique as the first MOO to be designed specifically for classroom use. DU Main is a project of DUETS, Inc., which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization dedicated to meeting the on-line distance education learning needs of individuals and institutions. Diversity University Main Campus is a real-time internet accessible virtual reality educational environment. Thousands of students, teachers, and administrators worldwide use DU classes, literature, and consulting services. DUETS, Inc. financially exists as do other non-profit organizations via grants, technical assistance fees, and philanthropic donations. Frequently our staff and administrators assist and maintain other educational virtual reality worlds. The Development team of DUETS, Inc. combines more than four years of in depth full-time professional experience coupled with hundreds of thousands of design hours specifically for an educational MOO.

DU is proud to provide non-proprietary multimedia interaction via our Web Gateway. The DU gateway, accessed via Netscape or any graphics capable browser, allows the addition of graphics, sound, movies, or textual objects. It is the pleasure and privilege of DU to provide you with the ability to use nearly any program or plug-in through our Web Gateway.

Our gratitude goes to Marshall University and  University of Wisconsin Parkside for providing computer resources. Special thanks go to the many other individual contributors and organizations who make Diversity University possible.

 DUETS, Inc.
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DU Educational Technology Services, Inc.

As a nonprofit organization, DUETS, Inc. was conceived with a mission in mind. Here you'll find a statement of that mission along with other public documents such as our bylaws, our organizational structure and a list of current Trustee Board members.

General MOO Information

This segment defines a MOO and the culture and software history of this remarkable and unique concept. What do the letters in MOO denote? What is a MUD? Additionally, we are happy to provide you with links to other educational, social, and gaming MOOs.

Diversity University MOOs  Bernardo's Quick Java Logon

The primary medium used by DU are text and multimedia-based virtual reality environments referred to as MOOs. Our main branch, and the only one currently open to the public, operates as a virtual campus, with dedicated buildings for most major academic subjects. Located within these are fascinating educational projects created by the DU community that can be explored individually or used as part of classes.

Anyone may visit the MOO as a guest to look around and request a permanent character. These are given to people with a demonstrated interest in education using this medium. Educators at all levels are encouraged to apply . Follow this link to learn about becoming an active participant on DU MOO. Other DU MOOs being planned are K12 MOOs for secondary students, a Teachers' MOO where training will take place and a Research and Development MOO where programmers will be encouraged to experiment. What schools use DU?

Visiting Diversity University MOO - Quick Start Page!

We have designed several convenient and easy methods to allow you to connect to the DU MOO campus. You may use a traditional telnet program to access DU using text only. However, we also offer a multimedia connection using a web window to supplement your real-time MOO discussion. Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Explorer support Java and frames that are compatible with a remarkable web/MUD client, Cup-O MUD. Richelieu, a member of our technical staff, developed this revolutionary program that allows you to place an interactive MOO window in the bottom frame of your graphics capable web browser window.  Our new Quick Start page can help you get onto DU fast.

Diversity University Services

Our DU Services Division assists outside organizations in addition to the DU MOO. You may follow this link to obtain a detailed list of our technical services and their associated fees. Briefly, our excellent technical support services include training in MOO usage and the establishment and management of new or existing MOOs. We have the capability to provide training in instructional techniques, management of on-line conference centers, consulting, and assistance for project funding sources. DU will arrange long term support for MOO administrators, teachers, programmers, and other MOO users.

Teaching on DU Main Campus

DU Main is a virtual campus designed as a supportive facility to allow teachers from every discipline to bring classes in whole or in part to the DU MOO. In 1994, Globewide Network Academy offered our first classes. The years that have past have seen hundreds of teachers at all educational levels include DU in their curriculums. Diversity University has, for years, coordinated its efforts to develop the finest and most appropriate methods for bringing students on-line.

DU Main Educational Projects and Groups

We provide regular meeting facilities for many academic discussion groups. These academic gatherings represent both extensions of e-mail lists and informal on-line discussions having their origins at DU.

Events & Classes

Here are lists of events held at DU Main Campus and future conferences, both virtual and physical. Also included here are reports on conferences.