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Jester is a Chess Engine


It is written in ANSI C and may be compiled with minimal tweaking under many compilers.  It runs on Win32.  It's based on Tom Kerrigan's Simple Chess Program.

What's a "chess engine"?  Not a complete chess-playing program.  All it does is think about the move to make and politely suggest it.  You need to download a program like Winboard and follow the instructions in the readme to make it all work. Or else go somewhere else and find a nice chess-playing program that does it all.  I don't know of any free ones, though.  But if you have Chessmaster 8000 or 9000 already, you can use Jester as an engine with them.

Jester uses The SAN Kit to handle PGN files, so you can load and save games for analysis.  These sources are provided in the source distribution.  Jester has a command scripting language built into it described in the documentation.  Fear not: there is already a script for Winboard play provided in the executables archive.  And this script should also work with Chessmaster.

About those downloads.

The sources are in this archive. Hope you have a compiler like Cygwin, DJGPP, Microsoft's, or whatever-Borland-is-now to build it with.

The executables (what you need if you wish to watch exciting Winboard chess action in your own home) are in this archive.



Copyright(c) 2003 Marty Franz