Above is a picture of my visit to France. I was quite dissapointed to find out that the 'Eiffel Tower' is not in fact a very tall dessert.


Hello, I am Johnson, and I have decided to create this site in order to share my expert knowledge of French. In the following pages I will be teaching you the finer points of the 'language of love' (it hasn't worked for me yet). However, I must stress that you must not copy any of this site. You're teacher will think your work is so good, he or she will know that you have copied from the Internet. Which of course you have.


If you wish to donate any of your French knowledge to this site, please email the below address. Please also email me if you find any mistakes, as I want this site to be as accurate as possible. Thank you.

E-mail (courrier èlectronical) me (moi) - I have to use Nattress's email coz he's a geek