Roger W. Haworth

  • Hello. My name is Roger William Haworth - I'm the one on the left in the big picture. I live in South Croydon, Surrey, UK.
  • I am a Computer Consultant and Software Developer.
  • This is just a little something to establish my presence on the Web. In fact I am still very much a MsDos person. If you need good old fashioned keyboard-pounding applications on an 80x25 text screen, then come to me.
  • Voice contact on:
    • +44 20 8688 6745  home
    • +44 77 8875 6745  mobile
  • email: rwHwr at BlueYonder dot co dot uk
    (Sorry - cannot provide a proper mailto: link - spammers will just pick it up and use it)
  • Our son, George Patrick Webster Haworth was born on 1978 Dec 3. In 1998 he was in Idaho. Then he studied Sport Science at Portsmouth University for two years. In 2004 he graduated from Loughborough University where he did a Technology Foundation Year followed by a Mathematics course.
    Photos of George Wok Lifting at Weighking - sorry, that should be Weight Lifting at Woking
  • Other presences on the web:
    • An eclectic selection of my photos in an album on Yahoo
    • Take a voyeuristic look at the wierd stuff I am putting in my Furl
    • Likewise look at the (usually obsessive) edits I am applying to Wikipedia.
      Same like what you can - but please get yourself a User Id first.
    • Geowonks is a code word which I can enter into Gargle or Yoohoo to take me to my pages. 
      Kindly invented for me by a young lady called Kim
      I store numbers in my mobile phone in the international format (+44 …) even when I am never likely to call them from abroad.  So I suppose I must be a geowonk.

RWH   2005 Jan 12