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Mouse Trap

Now I got my Xbox a month ago with Halo, I must say the game is good and the controls are really not that Bad but even so, after finishing it the first time, I started searching sites to see if they had any plans on bringing the Combo(Mouse/Keyboard) to the Box. What I found was a bit dissapointing, Hudge numbers of Fanboys saying the Xbox aint a computer and so on...(Whats up with that?) Anyway, I dont know your opinion on the subject but im still wondering if by any chance someone (Mcsoft/3rdparty) will have the "Brain" to release it. Only thing I saw so far was maby with PSO we would see the KB but no mouse anywhere.

Thanks for your time and Great! Site!

Justin Says: Would a mouse/keyboard combo be a great thing? Sure. Will we ever see an official one? Not likely. My hunch is that Microsoft doesn't want to fuel the endless "Xbox is just a computer!" garbage spewed by certain unsavory types. Sure, it's not very logical (The Dreamcast and PS2 have had keyboards for years, and nobody thinks of them as computers), but you know that people would still whine about it.

That said, I have seen some unauthorized Xbox mice and keyboards for sale floating around the Internet. These are mostly used by those naughty naughty modders who run all kinds of crazy programs on their boxes, however, and wouldn't be of any use in actually playing games.

Conked Out

Salutations from one of your newest Insiders,

I'm just writing to say I have noticed you talking about our favorite rodent of vice recently.
If you do not cease your vague and seemingly unrelated mentions, I fear I might grow a tad suspicious. I think good ol Conker is just what the xbox needs, and I would certainly be first in line to pick it up. Yet, this website has no mention of a sequel, other than the previously mentioned "buzz".
So, in other words, I'm on to you.
Relinquish your hot dish before I am forced to write you again.

Justin Says: A lot of you guys seem to think that we have some secret underground vault, in which we hide already-finished copies of Halo 2, Fable, an Xbox-exclusive GTA4 and every Rare game under the sun. While it's true that we do have a hidden subterranean lair, it's mostly just for sacrificing babies to Ba'al.

The truth is, we don't know anything more about any of those games than you do. While there are certainly times when we're not allowed to divulge information for legal reasons or whatnot, those occasions are few and far between. Conker is not one of those times. Rare already has two games on it's plate before Conker, and if the game is currently being worked on, it's probably little more than a dream in some designer's head at this point. I wish I could tell you that we have an exclusive hands-on in the works or something, but that's just not the case.

Oh, and welcome to Insider.

His Soul Still Burns

See, I just read your piece on how well Spawn fits in with the Soul Calibur crowd, and I feel there's something you neglected to take into account:

Spawn, as a character, sucks so hard he blows.

You ever "read" the comic? If not, I don't suggest you start. He's an underdeveloped character with no real claim to fame except being a generic dark-and-broody Spiderman-meets-Ghostrider knock-off and still managing to be craptacular, and inspiring one of the worst superhero movies ever made. He has that whole J-Lo "Why exactly are you a celebrity, again?" element going for him, which is to say: he has lots of marketing, but no real substance.

In summary, when Namco comes out with Soul Calibur III, and rather than use one of the Xbox non-mascots like Blinx or some turd from Kung Fu Chaos, they put in, say, Alan Alda, I don't care how "well balanced" he is. He's just stupid (no offense to Mr. Alda).

Sorry, guys -- I'm getting the 'Cube version on this one, no contest.


Justin Says: I'm not much of a Spawn fan myself. I bought the first few issues of the comic way back in the day and quickly lost interest.

Personally, I couldn't give care less about any of Soul Caliber 2's added characters. I can't speak for Heihachi, since I haven't played the PS2 version, but Link, Spawn and Necrid just don't vibe with the rest of the game. I would much rather have had completely new, non-McFarlane designed characters that actually fit into the Soul Caliber universe. The whole thing strikes me as a stupid marketing ploy for an already-great game that doesn't need to use marketing ploys.

Alan Alda would have been pretty cool, though.

How Dare You Disagree With Me!

I just wanted to comment again on how much Aaron needs to lighten up. I recently read his Marvel Vs Capcom 2 review for the Xbox system. He bashes a great game once again. I complained previously about his PS2 review of Shaun Palmers Snowboarding and the poor review he gave that game. I know you probably get emails complaining about reviews like this all the time. But this guy goes off the deap end and gives MvC2, one of the greatest fighters ever, a 2 out of 10 score! You cannot tell me honestly that is a fair review for a GREAT game.


Justin Says: Is a 2 out of 10 an fair review for a GREAT game? Of course not. The thing is, Aaron didn't give a GREAT game a 2. He gave a crappy game a 3.9.

While we certainly don't always agree with each other's scores, as far as I'm concerned Marvel vs. Capcom 2 deserved what it got and then some. First off, it was never that GREAT of a fighter. Sure it had a huge amount of characters, and any game that lets you play as Dr. Doom has to be at least a little cool, but in my opinion the gameplay was far too shallow to stand up to the likes of SFIII, the Alpha series or pretty much anything from SNK. Perhaps you disagree? Fine. I promise not to send you any whiny emails about it.

See how that works? The thing that so many of our more petulant readers fail to grasp is that reviews are subjective in nature. So Aaron was insulted by Capcom's cheap attempt to milk $40 from kids who thought they were getting a new game, and not a lousy port of an ancient Dreamcast title. I promise you that this will in no way prevent you from buying the game and enjoying it if you so desire. That being the case, why are you even bothering to write to us? What do you expect to happen? Do you want the publishers to fire Aaron and kill his family to teach him a lesson about checking with you before he writes anything? I hate to tell you, but if editors were reprimanded every time some kid from Timbuktu, North Dakota or wherever you're from disagreed with their opinion, nobody would ever make it past their first review.


Since the GTA3 franchise is most definately NOT coming to Xbox anytime soon, could you list for me, the eisting, and upcoming GTA3 styled games for Xbox?

Also, what happened to the awesome coverage of the Xbox release of Godzilla Destroy all Monsters melee? The Monsters of DAMM articles were pretty cool. Why the slow down?


Justin Says: As far as your first question goes, there's really nothing I can think of on the Xbox that has a particularly GTA feel to it. State of Emergency is probably the closest thing, and while that game captures the look of GTA and the feeling of creating total chaos, it's certainly nowhere near as good of a game. If by GTA-styled you mean "has a great big city in which you can drive around wherever you want and mess with people", True Crime will hopefully fit the bill.

As for why the DAMM profiles have stopped, the fact is that I've simply run out of Godzilla movies to rent at my local video store. With the more obscure monsters like Destroyah and Anguirus, it's pretty impossible to find their movies at a Hollywood or Blockbuster. As such, there probably won't be any more stories on DAMM until I review it a couple weeks from now. I'm glad you enjoyed them, though.

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