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Pumpkin Ornament
by Janet Rehfeldt
Knitted Threads
Hand Knit Version
plain pumpkin

Hand knit version:  2 sizes; Small pumpkin using size 3 cotton or large pumpkin using worsted weight yarn.

Materials:     Size 3 Speed Cro-sheen cotton [or] Worsted weight yarn; Pumpkin and brown; Fiberfil.
                       Movable decorative eyes, felt for mouth and nose  [optional]
                       Single pointed needles; size 2 [US] / 2.75mm; Size C [US] / 2.75mm Crochet hook **
                       [or] Single pointed needles; size 5 [US] / 3.75mm; Size F [US] / 3.75mm Crochet hook **
**used for crocheted stem.  Directions are also given for a knitted stem using double pointed needles for those who do not crochet.

Tension:        gauge is not important

Note:            Always slip stitches as if to purl.  Short rowing is actually putting the stitches at the ends of the rows into a holding position.  You increase the number of slipped stitches at the edges of your work, while continuing to knit the center stitches.  You then bring the stitches back into your knitting pattern by knitting them in the same manner as they were put on hold working back out to the edges.  This forms a curved cup shaped like the heel of a sock.

Pumpkin Body:   Using smaller size 2 [US] / 2.75mm for smaller pumpkin in size 3 cotton [or] using size 5 [US] / 3.75mm
for larger pumpkin using worsted weight cotton or yarn,  Cast on 18 sts, and Knit 1 row. Begin short rowing:

Row   1:     Sl 1, K 16, sl 1
Row   2:     Sl 2 sts, P 14, sl 2
Row   3:     Sl 3 sts, K 12, sl 3
Row   4:     Sl 4 sts, P 10, sl 4
Row   5:     Sl 5 sts, K 8, sl 5
Row   6:     Sl 6 sts, P 6, sl 6
Row   7:     Sl 7 sts, K 4, sl 7
Row   8:     Sl 6 sts, P 6, sl 6
Row   9:     Sl 5 sts, K 8, sl 5
Row 10:     Sl 4 sts, P 10, sl 4
Row 11:     Sl 3 sts, K 12, sl 3
Row 12:     Sl 2 sts, P 14, sl 2
Row 13:     Sl 1 sts, K 16, sl 1
Row 14:     K 18
Repeat from  Rows 1 thru 14, five more times.  Then Row 1 thru 13 once. Bind off.   * some people find it easier to  leave open stitches at this point for grafting the piece together.  If this is your preference, do not bind off.

Finishing:   Graft together the cast on and bound off ends (or open stitches if you chose not to bind off) of body to form a ball making sure your graft gives you a purl ridge to match the other secitons of the body.

Stem instructions are given for your choice of either a crocheted stem or a knitted stem.  I used some brown chenille I had laying about for the stem.  I found it easier to work my stem prior to stuffing the pumpkin.

Crocheted Stem:  With a size D crochet hook for smaller pumpkin or size F crochet hook for larger pumpking and brown thread/yarn single crochet around remaining open end picking up 16 stitches.  Sl st to beginning sc. Do Not Turn.
Round 2:   Ch 1, sc dec. by working the first 2 sc sts together. (insert into sc, yo, pull up loop, insert into next sc, yo, pull up loop, yo pull through both loops on hook) Continue to decrease around stem. sl st to first sc. Do Not Turn. (8 sts)
Rounds 3 and 4:  Ch 1, Sc into each sc around, sl st into first sc.  Do Not Turn. (8 sts)
Round 5:  Repeat round 2.   (4 sts remain)  Fasten off.  Weave tail through the 4 sts and pull closed foming top of stem.

Knit Stem; Worked in the round:  With brown thread/yarn and short double pointed needles in size 2 [US] / 2.75mm for smaller pumpkin in size 3 cotton [or] using size 5 [US] / 3.75mm for larger pumpkin using worsted weight cotton or yarn, pick up and knit 16 stitches around the remaining open end of pumkin.  Place a marker. (16 sts)
Round 2:  , * k 2 tog.  Rep. from * around ( 8 sts)
Rounds 3 and 4: work even
Round 5:  Repeat round 2.  (4 sts remain) Fasten off by weaving tail through the 4 sts and pull closed foming top of stem.

Use a running stitch around end of body and pull together to close hole at open end.  Stuff  piece with fiberfill filling shortrowed areas firmer to form pumpkin ridges. Shape your pumpkin to resemble a real pumkin. I found that using a blunt ended chop stick works really well for stuffing the fiberfil into the pumpkin.

Add eyes, nose and mouth using purchased moving eyes in oval shape and using felt for nose and mouth if desired. Or make a  face with dots of  black Jones Tones or other similar fabric paint.

Thread a loop using gold metalic thread onto the top of the pumkin at the base of the stem to use for a tree or package ornament.

©1998 Janet Rehfeldt  All rights reserved.

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