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Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude

Price: £39.99 (GBP) | Developer: High Voltage | Publisher: Vivendi | Players: 1 | Released: 5 November | Formats: Xbox, Playstation 2, PC | CLICK HERE TO BUY/PRE-ORDER >>

Leisure Suit Larry : Magna Cum Laude
The best laughs are in hitting the 'bad' symbols and hearing Larry reveal what a sad nerd he really is

Cheap suit, cheap aftershave and cheap jokes - but not at this price says GamesMaster

Sarcasm is said to be the lowest form of wit, usually by people who haven't seen Punked yet. But it isn't true - swearing and cheap sexual innuendo take that honour. Which is lucky because Leisure Suit Larry has enough of both to fill his ***** Cheddar Gorge.

Being based on an antique non-PC PC 'point and click' effort, you'd think that Larry might smell like a puzzler, but really it stinks like a string of badly thrown together mini-games. So instead of scratching your head you'll be doing all your thinking with another, lower organ as the game drags you from a set-piece seduction to another simple mini-game. And even with 12 different diversions from this lust-driven lady-chase you'll see more boring repeats than a night in with UK Gold.

So as a £40 adventure game it doesn't really stand up, but the comedy definitely does. Because underneath all the swearing and sauce are some cracking gags, cheap shots and real cringe-worthy moments. Just think of American Pie or Roadtrip but without some of the sophisticated social satire (and sticking 'Little Larry' in an apple pie).

If the gags don't get you going Larry is flaccid stuff, but for over-18s who still giggle at a guff it might be worth a rental.

Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude is released on 5 November for Xbox, PC and PS2

Overall: 72%

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Wear your morals round your ankles and keep your mind in the gutter, otherwise this crude comedy is shooting blanks
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