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Non-Accredited Organizations

Occasionally, non-accredited organizations claim to be accredited or imply that they are accredited. ANAB takes all possible steps to rectify such misrepresentations.

Non-accredited organizations may claim they can offer consulting, training, and registration to a client. This type of activity is not allowed per ISO Guides 62 and 66, which detail the requirements to which an accredited CB must conform.

Following is information on organizations known to have made false or misleading claims of accreditation or to have promoted activities not in keeping with the requirements of ISO Guides 62 and 66:

Quality Assurance Systems (QAS)
QAS is not an ANAB-accredited certification body (CB). Because QAS has misrepresented its accreditation status and because of issues related to the marketing of consulting services with registration services, ANAB will not accept an application for accreditation from QAS, and QAS will not be able to become accredited by ANAB. ANAB has no relationship with QAS.

International Management Systems Marketing (IMSM)
IMSM is the related body of Quality Assurance Systems (QAS). IMSM is not a certification body, nor is it accredited by ANAB. ANAB has no relationship with IMSM.

Note: Users of certification services should be sure to verify claims of accreditation. All ANAB-accredited certification/registration bodies are included in the CB Directory.