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Future Network USA (www.futurenetworkusa.com) is the leading US publisher of cutting-edge games, computing, action sports and musician magazines, and is the fastest-growing publisher on US newsstands. Future's publications reach a young, active, affluent male audience, and sell in excess of 2.2 million copies per month. Future Network USA is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, with offices in New York, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Future plc was founded in the UK in 1985. Today, it publishes over 100 special-interest consumer magazines worldwide with strong portfolios in the computing, games, music, sports, motoring, crafts and leisure sectors. It is the fifth largest magazine publisher in the UK and last year was reported as being the fastest growing US magazine publisher at newsstand. Future employs 1,200 people in offices in the UK, US, Italy and France. Over 100 international editions of Future's magazines are also published under licence in 30 other countries across the world. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange (symbol FUTR).

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Seascape 2004

Future Network USA has many events throughout the year but the annual highlight is always our company weekend. 2004 was no exception as employees flew in from around the country, piled onto buses with the Brisbane home office crew and headed south to Seascape Resort on the cliffs of Aptos, California. Two days later, all agreed this year was another weekend for the books as we remembered a beach BBQ and campfire, the First Annual Future Survivor Challenge and a chance to catch up with Future employees near and far.