What is Africus Rex?

Africus Rex is a micro vineyard and winery. The vineyard occupies 7' by 11' feet. The varietal is cabernet franc. For the last seven years, Africus Rex has been experimenting with unconventional viticulture in cool climates, and severely confined spaces (patio's, back yards or terraces). The ultimate objective is to  demonstrate that wine grapes can be successfully cultivated in a very small area, without soil, in cooler climates, and produce quality wine. This web page provides an overview of how that is being achieved.

Location:  Africus Rex is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Toronto is about the same latitude as the southern half of France (above the 45th parallel), but can experience cold winters and hot, humid summers. Toronto is located next to the Niagara grape growing area, famous for ice wine and innovative techniques in cool climate viticulture.

The Art of Winegrowing: Viticulture is centuries old. Cultivating grapes for wine is the most elegant and romantic of agricultural arts. Making wine is the ultimate reward. Enjoying it is the celebration of life. Even so, the art of viticulture no longer needs to be restricted to those with ample land and unique terroir. Soilless viticulture opens many possibilities.

A cluster of hydroponically grown cabernet franc grapes at Africus Rex.


What Is Africus Rex?

What is hydroponic viticulture?


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