Alis Landale is one of my favorite characters ever, and the only one that I resemble at all. I was absolutely thrilled to be given the opportunity to dress up as her. My sister constructed this costume without a pattern! (I am in awe of her skills ;_;) The Laconian armor and the boots are silver satin. The only problem with this costume is that the boots are sewed onto the pants and are best worn without any shoes under them, so I'm afraid I'm going to rip the costume. Oh well, I love this costume best of all so far!

Other images of this costume:

Battle stance Swinging the sword at an unseen enemy.
Smile A smile at the camera, sword in hand.
Another battle stance Once again pointing the sword at an unseen monster.
Contemplating Elsydeon Holding the sword aloft, with hair waving in the wind.
Deep in thought Crouching, staring off into the distance.
Profile A profile shot.
The Statue Posing similarly to the statue of Alis found in PS4.
Full-body image The entire costume plus Elsydeon.
At A-kon Just a picture in the halls at A-kon (from Fansview).