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20 Random Bits of Lawyer Knowledge
We found them. Use them to your advantage. more>>

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Reed Smith

Dewar's Secrets of Success


Is cheating a problem in law school?

Does This Look Like a Lawyer to You?
How Army Jags are laying down the law in Iraq. more>>

Head Case
Some lawyers in England want to do away with wigs. Herewith, a primer on the austere hairpieces and the heady debate about their future. more>>

In The Shadow Of The Volcano
Hop on the Chicken Bus, grab an ice-cold Gallo, and wait to see if Mount Fuego erupts again. more>>

A Canadian City That's French Without Being French, New World Without Being American. more>>

Party Time
The Republican, The Democrat more>>

Read Your Client's Mind
What do you do when a client mispronounces your name? Ducks your phone calls? Asks you to make an unethical deal? Seventeen associates voice their biggest client concerns. We offer 17 savvy solutions. more>>

Is the Supreme Court ducking the important issues? Has Rehnquist lost his juice? Is O'Connor more influential than Stevens? Did Scalia recuse himself too much, or not enough? And how will the election affect the High Court? A lesson in supremeology more>>

The Dance
From the first on-campus interview to the smiling tension of the job offer, recruiting is a delicate exchange. the candidate wonders what the recruiter is thinking- and, surprisingly, the recruiter is often equally curious. We eavesdropped on an interviewer and interviewee through the entire process. will one of them be left standing when the music stops? more>>

Two Schools Of Thought
Who would make a better president: a lawyer or an MBA? We asked the deans of two top schools-Boston College Law School (John Kerry's alma mater) and the business school at Texas A&M; (home of the George H.W.Bush Presidential Library)-that very question. Their answers strike at the heart of how leadership is taught in America today.* more>>

Uncommon Sense
A conversation with Ben Ferencz, Chief prosecutor, the Nuremberg trials more>>

Watch Me Now
CNBC's wildman market commentator James Cramer is also a Harvard-trained lawyer-and he has a few things to say about the new laws of Wall Street, the crusade of Eliot Spitzer, and how law school drove him to trade. more>>

What's Hot Right Now: The Buzz List
Our exclusive guide to everything that�s about to happen in the world of lawyers. Come on in. more>>

Interview with Ted Shaw: For the Defense
As the nation looks back at the legacy of Brown, this man is glaring at the challenges of the future -- and thinks he knows how to meet them head on. more>>

Inclusion in the Workplace: Diversity Hiring
Two companies. Two approaches to diversity. more>>

How to Start Your Own Practice: Going Solo
Starting your own practice can be arduous, confusing, and utterly terrifying. Here's how to do it. more>>

Practicing Law Abroad: The Expat Files
Corruption, fishnet stockings, downing baijiu shots with partners--it's all part of practicing in a foreign land. Meet five lawyers and their adopted jurisdictions. more>>

An Insider's Guide to Law School
[Web Exclusive] First year, they scare you to death. Second year, they work you to death. Third year, they bore you to death. There's more than a grain of truth to this bit of legal lore: Here's how to stay afloat as you dive into law school, year by year. more>>

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