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intermediate Tip #292: vim + cscope + cygwin

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created:   July 30, 2002 4:54      complexity:   intermediate
author:   Giorgio Marzano      as of Vim:   6.0

I've found that vim + cscope + cygwin does not work. The problem seems to be that in

sprintf(cmd, "exec %s -dl -f %s", prog, csinfo[i].fname);

vim execs cscope with the "-dl" options, causing it to fail. It is probably a cscope bug, but a simple workaround is top build vim without thad "d":

sprintf(cmd, "exec %s -l -f %s", prog, csinfo[i].fname);

seems to work for me!

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Additional Notes

vsampath@hotmail.com, October 4, 2002 9:59
This (keyword #292) doesn't seem to be true, at least not anymore. I am using cscope 15.4 and vim 6.1. With a few hacks, I was able to get cscope to work with vim under cygwin for Windows 2000. I did not need to change the sprintf line. The hacks included

1. Copying if_cscope.? to the src directory and the if_cscope.pro to the src/proto directory. These files do not come standard with the Windows source distribution of vim.  (I think it should - anybody in charge of distribution listening?)

2. Edit if_cscope.c to make the following changes:

Add the following includes:
    #include <sys/unistd.h>
    #include <sys/signal.h>

3. Edit Make_cyg.mak

Add if_cscope.o to OBJ variable.

Add a rule for this at the end

$(OUTDIR)/if_cscope.o: if_cscope.c $(INCL)
$(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) if_cscope.c -o $(OUTDIR)/if_cscope.o

Uncomment the lines following

#>>>>> uncomment this block to build a GUI version

4. Edit feature.h

Force cscope compilation:

# define FEAT_CSCOPE

5. make -f Make_cyg.mak GUI=yes

6. Note that the env variable TMPDIR should be defined in VIM for cscope to work correctly.

That should do it. Somebody in charge of distribution please make this standard. It would save a lot of trouble.
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