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November 22, 2004
Movable Type Error: Wide character in print at $MT/lib/MT/FileMgr/Local.pm line 88
(last modified Dec 08)
I recently started getting the error Wide character in print at $MT/lib/MT/FileMgr/Local.pm line 88 when I update my blog entries. I get the error when Movabletype try to ping Movabletype.org to tell them there is an update to my blog. I am using Movable Type 2.6. After Googling around, the only help I can find are all foreign pages. This page in Japanese is particularly useful. You don't have to understand Japanese -- just add the bold lines (the elseif.... part) to your Local.pm file. If that site is down, here is my version:
    if ($fmgr->is_handle($from)) {
        while (my $len = read $from, my($block), 8192) {
            print FH $block;
            $bytes += $len;

Add this part:
    elsif(utf8::is_utf8($from)) {
             print FH $from;
             $bytes = length($from);
} else {
        print FH $from;
        $bytes = length($from);
    close FH;
Double check your curly brackets. Email me if you need more help! Backup your file first !!.
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