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What's Parsix GNU/Linux?
Parsix GNU/Linux is a live CD based on Knoppix and Debian Sarge . It uses Gnome as it's default desktop environment. Parsix GNU/Linux supports Persian keyboard and user can switch to Persian with Alt+Ctrl or Ctrl+Shift keys. We also included xFarDic English-Persian dictionary and Persian free fonts from FarsiWeb and FPF projects.

Parsix Screenshots
What's Live CD?
A live CD provides a complete operating system that runs from CD. You do not need to install it on your hard drives. Live CDs have many different usages. Like presentation, rescue disk, educational uses, mobile operating system - that you can run it every where and etc. You can save your created data on USB flash drives and transfer it to your home or work PC.

What's GNU/Linux?
GNU/Linux is a Free and Open Source operating system. This means that you can copy and modify it without legal limitations. This freedom is thanks to GNU/GPL license. GNU/Linux is a community based operating system developed by thousands of users all around the world. GNU/Linux uses Linux kernel and base system softwares from GNU project, So we call it GNU/Linux.

Parsix GNU/Linux 0.45 is Available Now!


We are pleased to announce that our first public release of Parsix GNU/Linux is now available for download. This version is synchronized with recent Debian Sarge repository updates (Jan 25, 2005) and we also added new version of xFarDic English-Persian dictionary (0.5.1). Users can use "parsix" as root password if needed. Many thanks to Shabdix GNU/Linux project - who shared their project space with us - and users who tested our beta releases. Please do not forget to send us your comments and suggestions. You can subscribe to our mailing list now.

Download : parsix_045.iso (472MB)

Posted by admin on Tuesday, February 01, 2005 - 08:11 AM (518 Reads)
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Parsix GNU/Linux 0.45 will be available soon!

Parsix We are preparing to release Parsix GNU/Linux 0.45 that's our first public release. This version will be available for public download during next week. ISO will be ready tomorrow, but it will take awhile to upload it! ;-) If you have any questions about Parsix GNU/Linux, ask it in our mailing list.

Posted by admin on Tuesday, January 25, 2005 - 07:42 AM (50 Reads)
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   Parsix Mailing List
A general purpose mailing list to discuss any subject related to the Parsix GNU/Linux project. Subscribe to Parsix mailing list.
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· Parsix GNU/Linux 0.45 is Available Now! (Feb 01, 2005)
· Parsix GNU/Linux 0.45 will be available soon! (Jan 25, 2005)

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