Toyoko Academy High School (3)

In this installment, the girls talked about class excursions and other trips that are insane in the way that only such things can be at girls' schools. Anno, who went to a co-ed high school, could scarcely contain his amazement at what really goes on in such places. The two seniors talked all the more freely because of the fact that there were no boys present.

Kashiwara: Once you get to high school, you have freedom in class excursions. To some degree, they start treating you like grown-ups.

Kasagi: Yeah. They know we stay up all night, but they don't care as long as we keep it under control.

Kashiwara: They let us plan and execute the trips ourselves. I went straight through mine without sleeping once at night.

Q. What other trips do you go on?

Kashiwara: I went to a ski instruction center. What about everyone else?

All: Yeah, we went too.

Kashiwara: I was emcee for our free time in the evenings.

"Playing at the Arcade with the Teachers"

Q. Are excursions at girls' schools fun?

Kashiwara: Oh, they're the greatest. I played games at the Arcade with the teachers.

Kasagi: And they paid.

Kashiwara: Right. I wanted a My Melody Keyring, so I asked the teacher to keep playing until it came up, and that's just what happened.

Kashiwara: The way the teacher said "Here" was cool, as well as walking away saying "Don't sweat it.". We talked all night long at the ski instruction center, though.

Anno: What did you talk about?

Kashiwara: Our futures, what we're thinking about, that sort of thing.

Q. Do you ever talk about boys?

Kashiwara: Uh-uh. Not in the least.

Anno: Do you get in your futons and talk?

Kasagi: We're in our futons, but with the covers off.

Kashiwara: We put our pillows together with our heads near one another, and snacks piled in the middle.

Q. Is the ski instruction center voluntary?

All: Uh-huh.

Anno: Where did you go?

Kashiwara: Shiga Plateau.

Anno: Ah, now that's a nice place. Three days and two nights, or something like that?

Kashiwara: Five days and four nights.

Anno: Four nights?

Kashiwara: We came back home in the morning.

Kasagi: It didn't feel like it was over just like that, though. And I was sore all over the first day.

"Less Skiing Than Talking"

Kashiwara: I had more fun when we sat around talking than I did skiing.

Kasagi: That was fun. We played games like a bunch of old ladies.

Kashiwara: We even piped laughter through the microphone.

Anno: I went to a co-ed high school, so this is like a foreign language to me.

Kashiwara: Me, I have no interest in co-ed schools. Don't you all think that girls' high schools are where it's at?

All: Yeah.

"The Game Was a Howl"

Kasagi: We were all relaxed. If it had been a co-ed situation, we'd probably have been trying to be cute about it. But this way, we played for real.

Kashiwara: It was something else, because an otherwise quiet girl won. I was amazed. And when I asked what year and class she was in, she was panting like she was angry.

All: (laughter)

Q. What kind of a game was it?

Kasagi: It's where you make a circle and walk around a cushion, then grab it. And you can't get within more than a meter of the cushion.

"I Didn't Want to Leave"

Anno: Sounds like Musical Chairs.

Kashiwara: Right. When the music stops, you grab the cushion.

Kasagi: It was too much fun for words.

Kashiwara: Everyone's eyes were bloodshot. We could've cared less about the gift exchange that came later. We were pooped.

All: (laughter)

Kasagi: It was fun. I didn't want to leave.

(From the Oct. 8, 1998 Edition of Mainichi Intermediate-School News)