Wings of Honneamise

"The Royal Space Force--Wings of Honneamise"
1987 Feature-length Theatrical Feature (Released Through Toho Towa)

"The Royal Space Force" was established for the purpose of man's first manned spaceflight. But its experiments were a string of failures, and the project itself was going nowhere fast. One of its officers, Shirotsugh, spent their days in idleness and boredom.
But a chance meeting with a purehearted girl named Leiqunni turned him around: "Working to get into space...such a dream-filled job is wonderful." These words from here stimulated Shirotsugh's pride, and he volunteered to pilot the experimental manned spacecraft.
His passion also motivated his listless comrades, and the stagnant project began to take off. But in places unknown to them, a state conspiracy was also progressing...!

One ordinary young man's adventure begins...
the quest to be first man in space!

This was GAINAX's first production. Planned as the first project from Bandai's video production department, with a production budget of 8 hundred million Yen (approx. US$4-5 million at time of production), and music by Sakamoto Ryuichi, it was a one-of-a-kind epic. GAINAX was founded in 1984 in order to make this film.
Beginning with director Yamaga Hiroyuki, nearly all of the main staff were in their 20s at the time, and had practically no experience in creating anime as a business. The level of the animation in the resulting feature, however, far and away surpassed the standard of the time.
What was even more amazing than that, though, was the thoroughly realistic art style, which refuted everything we thought we knew about anime films: from the attention to detail in the animation itself, to the detail in the alien world that is the Kingdom of Honneamise, and the utterly unheroic characters, all just ordinary people. Thanks to this overwhelming sense of reality, the film transcended the bounds of anime films, receiving great acclaim.
Concept/Screenplay/DirectionYamaga Hiroyuki
Assistant DirectorsAkai Takami/Higuchi Shinji/Masuo Shoichi
Character Designs/Animation DirectionSadamoto Yoshiyuki
Animation DirectorsIida Fumio/Moriyama Yuji
Special Effects ArtistAnno Hideaki
Art DirectorOgura Hiromasa
Music DirectorSakamoto Ryuichi
Executive ProducerYamashina Makoto
PlanningOkada Toshio/Watanabe Shigeru
ProducersSuehiro Hirohiko/Inoue Hiroaki

Shirotsugh LhardattoMorimoto Leo
Leiqunni NondelaikoYayoi Mitsuki

Available Merchandise

VHS Original Japanese EditionBandai VisualBES-1749Scheduled for release July 1997Price: 3800Yen (plus tax)
VHS English Edition Bandai VisualBES-1750Scheduled for release July 1997Price: 3800Yen (plus tax)
LDBandai VisualBEAL-460 Price: 5631Yen (plus tax)
LD Memorial Box Bandai VisualBEAL-367Price: 14,369Yen (plus tax)
Video-CD GAINAX Scheduled for release Fall 1997Price: 6800Yen (plus tax)