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Friday, January 21, 2005

Patriotic Puppies Posted by Hello

Patriotic Puppies!


Friday, December 10, 2004

Why Should I Have To Live In A Time Of War?

WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO LIVE IN A TIME OF WAR? What did I do but the right thing? I paid attention in school, and worked hard. I was supposed to be married at this time in my life, but nooooo! I have to live in hard times. I have to be pretty and available and young when times suck and everyone is stingy and selfish and afraid and ungenerous and unfaithful? I didn't ask for this, and I've been working for the opposite! George W. Bush SPOILED the goodwill extended to us from countries around the world after 911 by invading Iraq. They said that Saddam was behind 911 and that Saddam had WMDs primed and ready to go, but a year before the invasion I and millions of others knew that both of these things were lies. I can't stand lies and I can't stand what this cruel man is doing to the world. I blame him 100%, and even if I'm wrong, it still ain't gonna work out between us if you don't utterly despise him. If you think he was misinformed and really a good and Christian guy inside, just forget you ever read this and go onto the next woman. I was raised a Christian, and did I mention that I paid attention in all my classes, including 18 years of Sunday school? So don't be religious, either, unless you follow Christ the man who cared about poor people and the sick and the victims of hard times, because I ain't got time for anything else. BONUS TO MEN WHO READ MY PROFILE CLOSELY If you like George W. Bush, then we won't get along because I emphatically do not. Feel free to peruse my profile and send me an email. I'll answer. Born: Houston, TX white female Lived: Houston, Kansas City, St. Louis, New York, London Traveled: Montreal, Paris, Munich, Vienna, Manchester, Amsterdam, and Crawford, TX, oh I forgot Switzerland

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Downtown, D.C.

If You Care About Spelling, Don't Reply - w4m (downtown d.c.)

Date: 2004-12-01, 9:30PM EST

Just a person here, a woman. Who can mispell words sometimes.

Okay, so it's "inaugUration" instead of "inagEration".

At least I can learn. Does that mean I'm a Republican or
Democrat? What I care about is finding a sexy man who
lives in downtown Washington, D.C. Not Gaithersburg, not
Arlington. Downtown, dudes? Get it?

I'm a very nice person, and actually won third place
in the fifth grade spelling bee. (My highest achievement.)

Love to all, but mostly to those who live in


this is in or around downtown d.c.
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Marijuana Reform Party


You have to type it all in one line.

I Need To Suck A Lot of Guys, Okay?

I'm having a Free Gang Bang in December, and selling the amateur video.
The tryout period for the Free Gang Bang is November, when I'll be giving out blowjobs and cock-tastings to see who I want to choose. I don't want just big cocks (because I want to get my ass fucked in the video), but they have to be extremely hard and the cum has to be extremely tasty for me to choose you.

Wanna try out? Read the whole website (about 1/2 hour, but it's worth it) to see the details and to find out why I'm not selling my pussy anymore. Not because I have V.D. as some people have been claiming. It's because I'm in love again, and I want to save my best parts for him. (He also knows I like to give blowjobs and is okay with it.)

The Free Gang Bang in December is all all out fuck-fest, with all my holes available, because I've always wanted a gang bang. If there is anyone out there who wants to help get my asshole used to ass-licking and fucking, I'm available, too, but that has nothing to do with the Free Blow Job offer.
I need to get my little virgin hole prepared for what she's going to experience on camera.

Anyway, don't call me if you haven't done your required reading, okay? I don't have time to answer basic quesions.

I was about to go to the inaugeration. Winter Medical Marijuana Barbie. Posted by Hello

People thought I was kooky for advocating medical weed, so I just went with the theme. Posted by Hello

After the Jesse Jackson rally in West Palm Beach, where we saw a bunch of Republican demonstrators starting a riot to force him from the stage. They succeeded, and he moved to a different rally point. Very weird. And me standing in the middle of it all with my Medical Marijuana Barbie costume. Surreal describes it. Posted by Hello

Delmar nightlife, St. Louis. Posted by Hello

Me protesting with the yellow jacketed bobby protecting my civil liberties at Downing Street, in London. Posted by Hello

23 Artist Lane, where I go when I travel to Woodstock, NY. The place is gorgeous, and in this pic I cropped out most of the barbeque pit, so it looks cool. Posted by Hello

Mike, the owner of 23 Artist Lane. Posted by Hello

Marijuana Cheerleaders in New York, with the Empire State Building in the back! W'hoo! Posted by Hello

Talking at a St. Louis NORML event. I have a bunch of pictures from St. Louis, although I've done a million things since then.  Posted by Hello

Going to the Democrat rally in St. Louis to hear Al Gore. Posted by Hello

My PhD advisor Roger. Posted by Hello

Marylin Manson and thte whole crew signed my belly. You must understand that there were a couple hundred goths dressed all in black and me wearing this dayglo jacket plus the pink hair. I wonder if Marylin liked my style? Posted by Hello

closeup Posted by Hello

I had to keep finding people who would consent to write the words "Medical Marijuana" on my back. You'd be surprised Posted by Hello

Barbie at the arch. Posted by Hello

Medical Marijuana Barbie on the St. Louis rail. Posted by Hello

Medical Marijuana Barbie looking very tall and glamorous. Posted by Hello

This is the craziest picture of me I've ever seen. I admit, advocating the legalization of weed is a wacky thing to do. The wilder my hairstyle, the easier it was to talk to people. They saw the sign, saw my hair, and came up to talk about it. This was a busy and sad time for me, but I'm satisfied with how it all came out. Posted by Hello

This is the day I claimed I was carrying medical weed on the plane with me. Obviously, this was before 911, otherwise Posted by Hello

Another freaky hairstyle. Posted by Hello

This was me on Broadway with my some signs. I was always improving on sign technology, if you note the string over the light pole. This was, amazingly enough, after 911 but before the general election in 2001 in NYC. I earned 17,400 votes in that election, in a tiny bubble the Marijuana Reform Party created. They've done nothing since. Posted by Hello

This was my "Dykes For Peace" stage, what with the short hair and all. Notice the pink purse and cell phone? God I look goofy in this pic! Posted by Hello

Me with no makeup and pink hair. Posted by Hello

I told the airlines I was carrying "medical marijuana" only it was a prescription in my name for five 5mg Marinols. Wimpy shit, that marinol. You don't get high from it. You get hungry, which I guess is fine if you think about how it's supposed to be used for AIDS and cancer patients. Posted by Hello

Keeping up the anti-Bush protest in London. Posted by Hello

I'm Starting a New Thing: Pictures

I've been thinking about what other things I'd
like to try with a website, and it's pictures.

So I'm going to figure out how to put pics
on the blog and see how that works out.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The Punk Aspect of Rainbeaux Barbie

My rainbow life had better arrive at the same time the
man arrives.

I have been generous. Generous beyond my willingness
to admit. But, at no time when a man promised that the
rainbow was just around the corner did it ever arrive.

So now, as detrimental to my libido as it is, the rainbow
has to arrive at exactly the same time as the man does.
I've tried waiting and being patient. It didn't work with
many other men. If you want me, I'll know it. If you don't,
or if you want me in the not forever way that every other
man has wanted me, then you can just keep on looking.

Monday, August 16, 2004

I Got A New Apartment

I'd like to know what you think of your home to get an idea if
you are happy with yourself and your life. Your home
says so much about you. Why you live there, how
you get along in life. No better way to get to know
someone than to visit them at their home.

I, for one, am moving into a home that I adore,
finally. I've been living in dumps, honestly,
and looking for work in my field. I got a job,
and that made it easy for me to know where I
want to live.

Before, I was looking for a single, probably
divorced man of forty five or fifty years old,
white, who lived withing a few miles of
where I work, but that was only because
I still lived in the apartment I could afford
when I didn't have a real job.

Before, I was demanding that a man give
me a home. Now that I have a home that
I really like, what am I going to ask from a
man? I'm not really sure, but I do know that
it has to be a whole lot.

In order for you to make me pay attention
to you in a romantic way, you have to
turn my black and white world into a
technicolor rainbow, and it ain't gonna be easy.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Geez. Reading some of what I wrote, I sound like a harping nag. Fucking who cares if I get laid good any time soon, or if I ever meet a man who is "right" for me? Even if the right guy comes along, if he reads all this demanding stuff, he'll lose his hardon, and I won't catch him anyway, so might as well stick to the sexy stuff.

So, along that note, I make a pledge to stick to the sexy stuff.

Like the time my aunt taught me how to masturbate when I was 14. It's not like she was a whole lot older than me (only seventeen months), but it was teenage lesbian incest, so it was pretty kinky, no matter how you think about it.

She was a hot and horny babe, that aunt of mine. She lost her virginity at the age of thirteen in the parking lot of Astroworld, or so she used to say. You see, she was a bigger liar that she was a slut. And, boy, was she a slut. She had really big tits, and guys liked that, even though she was overweight. She had long fake blonde hair that she would hot roller and tease bigger than any Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and wore amazing amounts of makeup, which for many years was forbidden by her folks (my grandparents), so she would end up slathering it on when we were riding to school on the bus.

When I think about those times, I can't help but laugh. She was always up to no good, as far as everyone was concerned, but she was so damn loving and sweet that everyone forgave her. Many times she would convince me to gussy up and sneak out the window to go to parties. Or she'd invite a whole bunch of guys over when the grandparents went square dancing, and fuck one or all of them in sequence.

Her whole thing was sex. And a lot of it rubbed off on me, thank goodness. What a role model.