In ancient times, the true light was divided.  A fallen darkness, unable to understand the light’s purpose, split from the light and fled.  Yet the light did not pursue the darkness, for it knew that in that meeting all that had been made would be unmade.  The light was good, and the creations of the light did not deserve to die.  Yet the darkness attacked the children of the light, and the light, saddened by the darkness, sealed the darkness from the worlds of the living.  A seal of three planets was made to protect the children of the light.  Yet the darkness was powerful, and waited.  It knew, as did the light, that every seal has a weakness.  To protect the seal, the light set five races, each endowed with unique gifts and all touched by the true spirit of peace.  On them would rest the hopes of the universe, for should they fail, the darkness would be released, and all that was made would be unmade…

Many thousands of years have passed, but the darkness is patient.  It has found a weakness.  A small one, yet a weakness nonetheless.  Every 1000 years, the power of the seal fails.  The darkness is still blocked, but her son is not.  The child of shadow enters the world of life, and makes war on the protectors of the seal.  Each time, it is defeated, but the darkness is patient.  It waits, and plots, and tries again.

1000 years ago, the darkness was victorious in battle.  Though her son fell, he destroyed a full third of the seal.  The remaining two worlds were badly scarred, and all records of the war were lost.  Struggling for survival, and with no knowledge of the coming darkness, all were caught unaware.

Never before has the darkness struck with such violence, such power.  An entire world lies dying from a disease they cannot undersand, the other is slowly being consumed by the very technology created for their survival.

As always, heros have arisen, taking up arms in defense of their people.  They have discovered the darkness, and though they do not understand, they know it must be destroyed.  Having armed their bodies, and steeled their spirits, they marched into the very lair of the darkness...

...And were destroyed.


Phantasy Star V

Victory of the Darkness