I'll love you just the way you are if you're perfect

Feeling: Okay


I played twenty four songs worth of DDR last night. I still can't beat Paranoia, but I'm getting further in it. Also, I'm almost over my cold!

My gurus have finally gotten around to answering another one of your silly little questions.

Perhaps it's just me. but shouldn't a company called American Leather sell stuff that's made in America?

I'm sure a few of you nerds might remember back on this day in 1996 when the computer Deep Blue beat Garry Kasparov (the World Chess Champion of the time) at chess for the first time ever. What a day for programmers!

How 'bout getting off of these antibiotics

Feeling: Sick


Being sick really sucks. Being sick twice within a 30 day period is just plain wrong. I usually only get sick once a year, so I'm just going to assume that my immune system just wanted to get it out of the way for 2005. Yeah, that has to be it. No update yesterday as I spent most of the day in bed or on the couch.

I did get a little work done yesterday at least. I finally hung my framed Lord of the Rings posters. I also read the last chapter of The Universe in a Nutshell, although I only understood about half of it.

Obviously, there is a new Say No image. This time it's those creepy little garden gnomes. You think they're made of lifeless cement, but you know they come to life and murder small woodland creatures when you're not looking.

On this day, back in 1895, the sport of volleyball was invented at a YMCA in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

I'm twice as smart and simply twice as sick

Feeling: Inept


Long weekend recap starts now. Friday evening, I went to the arcade and played DDR. Then, I met up with Amanda and Rachel and we hung out and played some pool with a few other people which was cool. I sucked pretty bad at pool, but still won all of my games.

Saturday, I ran some errands. Picked up a new wiper blade for my car and some new used clothes at Goodwill (that place rocks). I was going to head out to a DDR tournament in East Lansing, but instead my brother was taking the family out for my mother's birthday. I just had to mention to him that I took her out first. I'm such a better son. I also got my hair cut, nothing drastic, just a few inches. As a great annoyance, I started getting sick near the end of the day.

I awoke Sunday still with annoying cold symptoms which I still have. Around 5:00 I dolled myself up for dinner and I was looking real smooth. I needed a few things first so I stopped at Meijer (similar to Wal-Mat). While traversing the isles I saw this really cute lady presenting a new cleaning cloth. She was pitching her product, but I wasn't paying attention to it, I was more captivated by her. She finished up and was cleaning her booth when I walked past her and mentioned that I enjoyed her presentation. I kept on walking, I wasn't trying to hit on her, but amazingly she struck up a conversation and I learned a great deal about her. Not only was she into theater, photography, and The Simpsons, but was also majoring in human sexuality. Eventually, she had to start setting up for her next show, I hadn't noticed but we had talked for over a half hour. I got her name, and said good-bye, never expecting to see her again. Now, a normal person would have asked for her number, but I just walked away. In my mind, I built up plenty of reasons why it makes sense not to see her again. For example, she lives down near Detroit which is over an hour away. Second, although I asked a great deal of questions about her (because I was interested in her), she never asked me anything about me (which I attribute to her not being interested in me). Of course, she may have just been nervous, but I like my cowardly version better. So instead of possibly enjoying the company of a nice lady, I went home and watched a few episodes of the first season of MacGyver. Yeah, I'm cool.

The battle's fought and the game is won

Feeling: Happy


Dinner with my mother was nice. We were able to catch up on what's been happening in our lives, and just shoot the breeze.

I finished reading Roald Dahl's "The Witches". One of those kid's books that I never read as a kid. Wow, what a screwed up book! I certainly prefer the magic that the Jim Henson Company put into the movie over the killing spree of the book. Thus, this is another book where the movie is better.

I moved January to the Old News page.

I have a long weekend of DDR planned, so this should be a fun weekend.

Bye bye Miss American Pie

Feeling: Pensive


I hung out with Angel last night, always a treat. Today, I'm taking my mother out to dinner for her birthday. I'm such a good kid.

In 1959 Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and The Big Bopper all died in a plane crash. The plane was called "The American Pie", which is where the Don McLean song comes from. Today is "The Day the Music Died" and it is a tragedy in the musical community.

I don't think's new language translation for Japanese is quite ready for use. I translate a sentence from English to Japanese and back to English and this was the result:

English: I would like to purchase two dozen bags of your finest rice so that I may enjoy a meal with my large family.

Japanese: enjoyed the meal to which I have my large family, I desire the fact that two dozen sacks of the United States where you are best are purchased.

Yeah, still needs a little work.

Let's take the time to find ourselves again

Feeling: Contemplative


My new hard drive arrived yesterday! I now have 280 GB of disk space. Kendra is so beefy now, I love it.

Today is Groundhog Day a truly pointless day where we trust a rodent to give us extended weather forecasts. I guess it's not much worse than our current meteorologists though. Also, today is my mother's birthday.

I placed an order for the Neil Giamen book, American Gods. I've heard good things about it.

If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me?

Feeling: Okay


Okay, I think I've got all the emails off my old account transferred to my gmail account. My old account is very iffy right now, so if you aren't sending your emails to my new account you may be waiting for awhile to get a reply. Any email link from my web page will use my new account. The real problem is trying to update every other location on the web where my email address is.

Yesterday, I played some more DDR. I'm obviously getting better, but I still have a long way to go before ever hoping to clear the final six. My new shoes seemed to work quite nicely for keeping grip though, so that was cool. I also met a member of Troublesum in the flesh for the first time.

As a programmer, I have a constant supply of candy at my desk. My candy is all modern, but you can see how far we've come by reading about the history of American candy.

Want to go further back? Check the old news.

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