Reviews by Nes, Evil Nes, and Tyler. Comic by Ferahgo. Comics done during review: 59.

HUZZAH! It's Screw These Comics!
Would you stop saying "HUZZAH!"?! You're driving me bonkers!
Alright, you know I'm just screwin' with ya. Now, on to business. What comic shall we screw today, Tylermon?
Today we're gonna screw... a comic!
Can you be any more general?
Todau we're gonna screw... something on the internet! Uh... something that exists!
Ketchup, pizza pie... I am your omega!
Meh, alright. Today we're gonna screw a comic which concept is good but it's production is poor. It's called "Makin' A Game". A comic about four people making a game sounds like a great idea. But what you see in this comic is piss-poor.
Hooray for piss-poor!
As I read this comic, I think that they're gonna make a game where, ya know, the audience can play it. I wanted a comic about making a game to be technological, geeky, and funny. Ya know, like one guy accidentally screws up some code in the game and it causes a major bug... and you get to actually PLAY the game with the bug in it. That's one of my dream comics!
Now that's a kickass idea!
Only if it's a game where you burn people. Now, let's take a look at this crapfest. Hmm... just as I thought... another s*tty website with many problems too big to fit this entire screw segment. So let's get started. Sprites... what's there to say about sprites besides "Recolor ahoy!"
Hey, sometimes he puts in rips, such as the TMNT game. And the bubbles... pretty bubbles...
Except that there's one thing he did original. A button! Oh, look, a red circle... and another red circle... BUTTON! There's your button for ya, two red circles conveniently placed to look like a button!
Be it as it may... wow, I can't believe I said that right. Be it as it may... he used the sprites pretty well. Though there are various cases of megapixel deformation, the sprites were resized not by the mouse, but by the automatic resizing thing-a-ma-jigger in Paint.
Overall, I give it a 2. Now for the backgrounds. We have another varied mix between two-toned, game, and other backgrounds. But this seems to be focusing more on two-toned backgrounds.
His real life and game backgrounds are done quite nicely, and the frames are great,
That's no excuse why this guy is so lazy that most of his comics have only three colors? Whatever, this guy isn't trying to be the best background author person... and STC gives no pity! 4.
Yea, and now we screw... the storyline! It's not what Tyler expected. That makes Tyler cry!
I'm not crying.
Sure you're not!
I'm serious, I'm not crying.
Meh, jokes over. Now, the story is everchanging and overall poor. We have an author... yawn... who introduces these four fat geeks, who end up making a crappy game. The game is about guys who destroy games... actually, things that destroy games. Blah blah blah, self-destruct button, blah blah blah, TMNT, blah blah blah.
The concept is alright, though.
FOOL! That's no excuse! 2. Now for special effects! Whoosh!
There are lots of good special effects in this one. Though it's not much, and none of them are decent, it's decent than many other comics we've screwed so far. I give it a... er... 5.
You're not allowed to make decisions! I'm supposed to make decisions! You're the guy that ends every remark with the word "jello"! You're the guy who keeps playing kickball with my helmet! You're the guy who puts gravy on his bacon!
Mmm... bacon with gravy...
Ugh... even I think that's sick.
S-s-shut up. Now, let's move on to characters. We have a--
An author, four chubby nerds, a strange-ass gremlin, a retarded bubble bobble freak, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with Shredder. There's your cast of characters. Pretty lame in my opinion.
Lame... more like unique! And it's got a bunch of characters!
Nes, shut it. Now, I'll give this a 3. I'd give it lower, but Nes is being Mr. Nice Guy.
Hey! I am Mr. Nice Guy! I save unstable puppies from your burnination!
Hmph... you won't foil me next time. Now, on to humor. I'm not laughing... should I be laughing?!?!
Yes, you should be laughing!
Well, I'm not! It's just too bad for me to actually laugh at this comic. Wait, I should be laughing at this comic in a negative form. Alrighty then... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 2.
Let's get down to the spelling, shall we?
Yes, we shall! Spelling... I see spelling mistakes... I see grammar mistakes! I see lame textboxes!
But don't forget, it matches the character. Such as Black and White for Psycho Gizmo... and White and Red for Spiffmeister Z!
* calculates random crap in his head * 4. Now for popularity... hmm... nothing here. No counter, no guestbook, no forums, nothing.
Though there's over 25 posts in his Bob and George thread. That's... alright, in my case.
I give it a 1. Good comics have stuff that's supposed to keep the fanbase to the site... this has nothing.
And now... an overview on today's screw!
Sprites - 2
PRO: Rare instances of originality. Sprites used decently.
CON: Rare instances of originality. Sprites commonly have "Megapixel Deformations". Overall a recolor and rip fest.

Backgrounds - 4
PRO: Game and real life backgrounds done quite nicely. Perfect framage.
CON: Two-toned backgrounds... and lots of it!

Story - 2
PRO: Alright concept.
CON: Overall... it's bad.

Special Effects - 5
PRO: Decent special effects.
CON: Barely any special effects, and none of them amaze us.

Characters - 3
PRO: Unique...
CON: ... yet lame.

Humor - 1
PRO: If the comic was better, it might be funnier... maybe.
CON: But for now it doesn't make Evil Nes laugh.

Spelling - 4
PRO: The mistakes don't really interfere with the comic. Unique, colorful textboxes. Unique font changes.
CON: Spelling and Grammar mistakes. Lame textboxes.

Popularity - 1
PRO: Some popularity.
CON: But nothing to keep the popularity in the site.

Total - 2.8

Less than 2.9... but greater than 2.7!
... riiiiiiight...
Hey Tylerperson, we got fanmail?
We got fanmail!
Hooray fanmail!
Today's fanmail comes from a random person that happens to be the author of the comic Chaoscape. I never read Chaoscape so I don't know whether to be positive or negative.
Go with negative.
... * ahem *
I picked up on your site whilst I was checking the net for links to my own comic, and managed to link in on the VFBLOSC (Very F*cking Big List Of Sprite Comics).

Firstly, I was wondering, do you review in the order that they are on the VFBLOSC, as I want to get an idea of when my review is going to roll around.

Secondly, where did you pick up the link from, the thread in Bob and George forums is long dead (at least by my standerds) from a sever lack of effort on my part to keep marking updates, unless you trawled back a long way.

And finaly, Congradulations on a good job of the Reviews, its nice to know that thier are some people around who pull no punches.

Tarquin Aka Titch Aka Ti-Kun
Beer Drinking, Pool Playing Author of ChaoScape

Let me remind you all that I DO NOT SCREW COMICS IN ORDER. THEY ARE RANDOM. Which means that your comic could be on the higher, the middle, or the lower part of the list, and you got a 1/(how many comics to screw) chance of being screwed. Of course, it differs from how much I'm willing to screw your comic. Blah blah blah. Important legal info. Yadda yadda yadda. Don't ask me about where I get the links. I scatter the internet for links. From links pages, from forums, from other people (thank you Maverick X and uziel). So I can't really tell where I get links.
I say we screw them in order from worst to best.
Not such a good idea. Could be boring later on.
Meh, you're right... I guess.

End of Screw

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Insanity is teh GAY protect0r!
* yawn * Another feeble attempt at a funny introduction comic.

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