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Sites of the Week for November 1996

Week of November 11, 1996

Basics of Space Flight
A thorough introduction to orbital mechanics, spacecraft project design, and flight operations, all easily understandable by the general public and students. You'll almost be ready to work in Mission Control after reading this!
Henrietta Leavitt Flat Screen Space Theater
Billed as the world's first online virtual planetarium, this site creates a "never-ending" planetarium show on the Web with a combination of static and animated images as well as supporting text. There's also a separate archive of space images, a gift shop, and images taken during a very recent observing trip to Mauna Kea, Hawaii.
The SKYLON Project
The SKYLON project is a private British effort to build a spaceplane that can carry up to 12 tons of cargo into orbit. This unmanned vehicle would talk about 10 years to develop. There's historical and current news and research info, although the link to the site can be very slow at times, making it difficult to read these sections.

Week of November 18, 1996

This is a detailed simulation of future models of human growth across the solar system, inspired by Marshall Savage's The Millenial Project. Explore previously-run simulations of human expansion or create your own. There's a Java applet version of Solarpop that allows easy-to-use dynamic control of new simulations. The wealth of detail in this site is amazing!
Center for Mars Exploration
With all the Mars-related activity in recent months, the Center for Mars Exploration at NASA Ames has provided a useful list of Mars Web sites. Included are links to information about the planet itself (and discovery of posible evidence of past life on the planet), past, present, and future missions, and papers on a variety of Mars topics. There are also useful educational resources for students and teachers.

Week of November 25, 1996

Face of Venus
Although this Web resource is two years old, it is still one of the best Venus sites on the Web. You can use the Face of Venus to search for craters and coronae on Venus, using any number of different parameters. FOV will then provide a dynamically-generated map with the locations of the objects that meet your parameters. A great learning and research tool!
The ROTON Page
The ROTON is a cross between a rocket and a helicopter, and it promises to reduce the cost of getting into orbit significantly. The ROTON Page, by HMX, Gary Hudson's company that is developing the ROTON, includes a summary and a detailed paper about the ROTON, as well as a gallery of pictures of the proposed vehicle in various stages of flight.
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