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Welcome AOL users.

Since AOL and don't seem to play too well together, this is the AOL mirror site. The same stories, none of the hassle. ;-)

Newest stories are at the top of the list.

9 Days

Nine days in hell.

Cingular Mission
Skinner has to get those cell phones from somewhere.

Following Yonder Star
Surely you noticed....

He's here in the shadows of my mind.

Doctor My Eyes
I think back to forty-eight hours ago when we found him.

Was, Is, Will be...

This signifies three people and you have to figure out who is who. But if you aren't sure, the answer is at the bottom.

The Theory of Height (NC-17)
It wasn't the first time fighting with Scully had turned him on.

Small White Comfort
Neatly folded, and tucked away on his bookshelf, was a letter with no date.

Hecate's Season (V, MSR, MM/SP)
A dream prompts Scully on an unusual adventure.

Each Night I Dream of Home (Post Requiem)
My own idea of what Mulder might be doing in his absense.

You're Gone (Post Requiem)
A short sad piece as Scully comes to terms.

Widely Understood (Post-ep Chimera)
Not so widely understood definitions.

Drifting Away (Post En Ami, V, G)
Scully's POV during one scene in En Ami.

Drifting Away II : Hold Me
Mulder's thoughts during the same scene.

Interrogation Room 3 (Humor, authorfic)
Just me and a couple of friends proving we don't take ourselves *too* seriously.

Parlor Trick (PG-13)
OK, admit it... We all have some stupid human trick we can do.

Fighting Words (PWP, NC-17)
Smut. Probably not for the faint of heart.

Then What of Our Nightmares? 1/3(Post Colonization/MSR)
And if sometimes dreams come true, then what of our nightmares?

Then What of Our Nightmares? 2/3

Then What of Our Nightmares? 3/3

The Hour of the Wolf (Missing Scene from Sein Und Zeit)
My take on how Mulder and Scully spent that long night.

Breaking Point

Smut. Really, really, not for the faint of heart.

Closing Costs
This follows certain inevitable events after Mrs. Mulder's suicide.

Families are not always biological.

In Between Tick and Tock
Tick, you're happy. Tock, you're sad...

Matter of Honor
Just read it!


The things we'll do for friends!

Battle Lines (NC-17, post FPS)
How much can a guy's ego take?

Spilt Second
Mulder has an epiphany at the end of FPS.

Sorry. Just had to do it. I'm also a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan.

MST3K-X-Cops Part Deux!
The insanity contiues.

WILLOW PARK : Aftermath (NC-17, challenge)
Challenge fic.

Big Debut (post x-cops humor)
You know Mulder would have a ball the night a certain COPS episode aired.

Through the Looking Glass (NC-17)
A simple mirror can lead to a lot of trouble.

Home improvement M & S sytle.

My older fan-fic can be found on PAGE 2