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Readers' Choice - The Ten Best Female Characters


Grace Nakimura
Gabriel Knight series

Grace Nakimura, as played by actress Joanne Takahashi
Grace Nakimura has appeared in two TenSpots: Best Female Characters and Best Sidekicks. She is definitely one of the best characters of all time; everyone truly likes her and the way in which she handles Gabriel so skillfully.

"When Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers first hit the shelves, female characters were vastly underrepresented in PC gaming. Grace was one of the first female characters in a game I played that was memorable to me. She was very intelligent and made her presence felt throughout the game because of her close partnership with Gabe. Her character just grew and grew throughout the game. To me this was an important moment in PC gaming because this had never been done with a female character before. Her witty dialect and smart comebacks were the perfect counter to Gabriel's character. And if for nothing else Grace should be on the list just for putting up with all of Gabriel Knight's antics. -Michael Hughes

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"Grace Nakimura is my choice for the best female character ever. She's beautiful, sexy, and very smart. It's good for the hero of an adventure game to have a very helpful sidekick, and Grace Nakimura is no exception. Three cheers to Jane Jensen for creating what I think is the best computer female character." -Zack Howe

"Grace, though witty and beautiful, is still human, unlike certain other nominees (for example, Lara Croft). Blood type does not make a character. Emotion and intellect do." -Stephen Toller

"From her sly remarks to her sexual innuendo, Grace has been a crucial component of the Gabriel Knight series. Without her, there would be no Gabriel as we know him. She's independent, but can still love, and is smart, strong, and deductive, all the while maintaining her femininity." -Mike LeSauvage

"She's so fresh and real. And she doesn't take abuse from Gabriel yet does most of his work even when he's being a bastard... but Grace still acts girlish sometimes, which makes her so real." -Stacey Greenberg


Number eight has quite a temper


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