The Wisconsin Clinical Supervision Training Model

 In 1998, a supervisory training model that was sponsored by the Foundation for Addictions Research and Education, Ltd., the Wisconsin Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors, Inc., the Wisconsin Certification Board, Inc. and the Bureau of Substance Abuse Services was conducted in the state of Wisconsin for clinical supervisors of chemical dependency counselor supervisors.  The intent of the training program was to help supervisors begin to introduce current general supervision knowledge, theories, and skills into their work as supervisors, as well as prepare them to take the national supervisor certification examination offered by the International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC).  With this in mind, the trainers developed a curriculum that focused on four content domains (assessment and evaluation, counselor development, professional responsibility, and management and administration) that were developed from the Role Delineation Study conducted by the IC&RC in 1992.

          A substantial data collection process was included in the training project in an effort to examine training outcome.  Overall, participants felt that the training was a successful and valued experience.  Of particular importance is that they felt that the training helped them to become better skilled as chemical dependency counselor supervisors. Results from the IC&RC supervisor examination indicated that the percentage of this group of supervisors receiving a passing score was greater than the national average, approximately 64% compared to 50%.  The impact of the training program was also measured from the perceptions of supervisees that work with the supervisors.  Almost a third noted some type of change in their supervisors since the supervisory training.  Of this group, almost half reported a change in supervision in the form of more structure and direction in supervision and a greater focus on the supervisory relationship.  Approximately 25% reported noticing improvements in supervision and time management skills.


Wisconsin Certification Board Clinical Supervision Training Project Evaluation

The Wisconsin Clinical Supervision Training Project: Evaluation Report to the Wisconsin Certification Board pdf file

Wisconsin Certification Board Clinical Supervision Training:  Trainer Manual pdf

Wisconsin Certification Board Clinical Supervision Training:  Participant Manual pdf file