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Episode #28
By Trish - February 11, 2005

Episode #28 will be up on Saturday. Just for the heck of it we've decided to do 2 updates this week for you!

Want to help support us and make us money, but don't have any to send us? You can help us out by clicking on the Google Ads on the bottom of the pages. Yes, WE GET PAID for clicks! Isn't that sweet? So click on 'em as much as you like. Heck, get all your friends to click! But every little click helps us out, just like voting.

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Chat Tonight!
By Damien - February 11, 2005

We will be holding chats every Friday night, That means tonight!
7pm - 10pm EST. hope to see you there.

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Episode #27 ...and stuff!
By Trish - February 09, 2005

First off, I know thishas nothing to do with Episode #27 but...


Yes, it's his birthday today so let's wish the birthday boy a happy one! (I'm sure you'll all leave him with lots of comments or spankins'...)

Anyway, there is going to be another double update this weekend. So look for the next part of this week on Friday or Saturday evening. We'll let you know, either way.

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Just what I need.... another
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El Shrink Diablo
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