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World-Wide Web Links Related to Mormonism

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If you've already visited since the last major update (on 11 June 1998), feel free to skip down to the directory. I'd advise reading the introduction at least once, though--it's got information you may need to thoroughly grok this list.

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Please note: This page (actually, this set of interconnected pages) is by nature incomplete, despite its length. Also, i recently changed the nature of this page so that, rather than attempting to be a semi-comprehensive listing of links, this pages focuses on two things: (1) Providing links to unique content i personally provide and (2) providing links to other indices of links. If you know of an index site i have missed, please e-mail me and give me the URL along with a note that you would like to see it included on these pages (where you think it fits would be a nice touch, too). Please note that due to real-life concerns, it often takes me quite a while before i can add items to these pages, and that i will generally not reply to such messages.

One more note: I am fairly consistent in my use of the term "Mormon"--when i use it, i mean the church properly known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, the largest of a family of churches often referred to as "Latter Day Saint Movement" or "Restoration Theology" churches (i prefer and use the former term). This list of links contains links dealing with several of the Latter Day Saint Movement churches, but the vast majority deal with the Mormon church. Because of this, it can be generally assumed that each of these links deals primarily if not exclusively with the Mormon church (as defined above) unless i have noted otherwise.

And finally, a disclaimer: This is a completely personal project; i have received no direction regarding this page from either the University of Pennsylvania (my school and the provider of my internet account) or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (my religion), nor should those organizations be held liable for any of the content on these pages. Furthermore, the links listed on this and the attached pages on this site are provided for informational purposes only, but (in great part due to the nature of the medium) the correctness or suitability of the information linked to cannot be guaranteed at any given time, nor can any of the links be guaranteed to work; therefore, i disclaim all responsibility for damages arising from such problems (as if any damanges could really occur from such, but hey, it's legalese). You must really be bored if you're still reading this paragraph.

And now finally, on to the show...

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The links i provide are subdivided into various sections, admittedly divided somewhat subjectively. I've tried to list each link only once, except in cases where i either really like the page or i happen to run the page myself--i don't mind making blatant and continuous plugs for my own web pages.

A good place to look first, if you're just looking for general information and don't want to try the Mormon church's official site, is Jay Lindsay's LDS frequently asked questions page.

In any case, the pages of links i maintain (along with their subsections) follow:

Also, if you'd rather read about the Mormon church in Basque, just click on the language.
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