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Welcome to Shu-Chen Jenny Yen's On-Line Montessori Teacher Albums for 3-to-6 year old children. These Albums are opened to the public since October 27, 1995........ probably the world's first Montessori Teacher Albums in the Internet.

For a long time, Montessori Teacher Albums are used by many Montessori educators as a mean of refining their teaching skills. These so-called "Teacher Albums" contain all the detailed information on the setup, procedures, aims, variations, extensions, as well as teaching notes of an arbitrary activity. Before conducting an activity, Montessori educators are encouraged to review their Albums to ensure an accurate and correct presentation. After an activity, reminders and notes should also be wrote on the Albums to improve teaching techniques. Due to the importance of the Teacher Albums, Montessori educators are also encouraged to update new materials into their Albums to enrich their teaching contents.

In here, I would like to share my Montessori Teacher Albums with you. These Albums contains 240 developmentally appropriate activities for 3-to-6 year old children. I really wish you can enjoy these activities and share the best part of learning with your children. I also wish more and more Montessori educators would be willing to open their Albums to the public so that the children and the general public can all benefit.

I have claimed a minimum amount of copyright on these Albums. Please read my copyright claims and feel free to make a legal copy.

You can read through these albums with the links below:

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The biggest pleasure running this site is receiving your e-mail and knowing that your kids can benefit from these pages. Please E-mail me your comments and support. You are welcome to Sign my GuestBook or Read my GuestBook.

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