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basic Tip #666: switch between a *.cpp and matching .h file

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created:   March 1, 2004 5:12      complexity:   basic
author:   Joerg Beyer      as of Vim:   5.7

For programmers, that want to switch from foo.cpp to foo.h (or vice versa)
on a single key stroke, this might help:

map <F4> :e %:p:s,.h$,.X123X,:s,.cpp$,.h,:s,.X123X$,.cpp,<CR>

it maps (on F4) the change of the current filename. The endings
".h" and ".cpp" are exchanged (via the magic ending ".X123X").
You could use ".hpp" or ".c" filename endings by changing
it in the replacement statemtents.

    comments are welcome
    Joerg (j.beyer@web.de)

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Additional Notes

loveunixnet@to.com, March 1, 2004 5:36
there are a.vim

I'd like use it to switch fbetween .c and .h
for it can find .h where not in same directory with ,c
leifw at bigfoot , com, March 1, 2004 7:18
What the previous poster was saying is that there is a script on vimonline called a.vim which has the functionality of this tip plus more.  It's available at vimscript #31.
toto@tttot.fr, March 2, 2004 1:58
http://www.cs.albany.edu/~mosh, March 24, 2004 18:20
Put these lines in ~/.vimrc and F2 will flip between
.c and .h, .hxx and .cxx, etc. Moreover the .h file need
not be in the same dir, it can be found via path variable.

- Mohsin

set  path=.,,..,../..,./*,./*/*,../*,~/,~/**,/usr/include/*

function! Mosh_Flip_Ext()
    " Switch editing between .c* and .h* files (and more).
    " Since .h file can be in a different dir, call find.
    :if match(expand("%"),"\\.c") > 0
        let s:flipname = substitute(expand("%"),"\\.c\\(.*\\)",".h\\1","")
        :exe ":find " s:flipname
    :elseif match(expand("%"),"\\.h") > 0
        let s:flipname = substitute(expand("%"),"\\.h\\(.*\\)",".c\\1","")
        :exe ":sp " s:flipname

:map <F2> :call Mosh_Flip_Ext()<CR>    
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