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An old freeware game of mine. Similar to Gauntlet in style.
Unless you have some particular reason to want this, you'll probably be better off grabbing C-Dogs instead...

C-Dogs page

Cyberdogs readme file
Download Cyberdogs 1.0 (270K)

Some very minor changes were made in v1.1. It's a lot easier to make loads of money.
Personally, I prefer v1.0.

Download Cyberdogs 1.1 update (1.0 required) (85K)

Note: there is a bug in Borland's libraries that will cause programs written using BP/TP7 to crash on faster CPU's
(200+ I think) with a runtime error 200 (division by zero). This is a patch someone wrote to solve the problem.
Read the enclosed documentation for details. I did not write this, nor have I tried it. I only play C-Dogs nowadays.

Runtime patch for Borland runtime bug.

In order to get music in Cyberdogs you will need to get hold of some module files, convert them
to a compatible format and then enter the filenames into DOGS.INI. What I didn't realize at the time was that
the AMF format used by Cyberdogs was subject to change without notice (it did say so in the manual, but I
hadn't read that part) so you'll need a specific version of the conversion utility, namely this one:

Download M2AMF.EXE (18K)

Source code

I found an old floppy with the Cyberdogs source on it so I figured I'd release it.
This is Borland Pascal 7.0 code and it will not compile as is (due to use of third-party libraries which are
not included in the archive).

Download the Cyberdogs source.

Title graphic on this page provided by Kris Martin