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PlayStation / Review / South Park
South Park
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Publisher: Acclaim
Release Date: Available Now
ESRB Rating: Mature
Graphics: 3.5
Control: 4.0
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Review by: The Burn Out
Posted: 01/01/00 [view screens]

Kickass! The Playstation is about to be harassed by the kids from South Park and greeted by the same foul language that they're known and cherished for. Eric, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny are back from their mighty debut on the N64 and they've brought all of their friends with them in this first person shooter.

Respect My Authori - tay
A giant comet is heading toward South Park and it's up to the kids to save the town from an invasion of wild turkeys, aliens, and anal-probing robots. You'll see all of the same familiar faces that you've become accustomed to and they all say their whacky one liners as well. Grab your snowballs, toilet plungers, dodge balls, and foam dart-guns and head into this crazy adventure with a full head of steam because your enemies will be relentless and it's up to you to save your 'hood from the "bad guys".

Comparatively, this South Park falls short of what the N64 version set out to accomplish.One of the best things about South Park on the N64 was the 4-player multi-player scenario, allowing four friends to wage all out war on each other, but the Playstation version only allows 2 players to duke it out. The multi-player mode is all the more important because the one player mode becomes monotonous and boring. When they took out the four-player mode, they shot themselves in the foot.

Drugs Are Bad.....mmkay?
One of the most annoying problems encountered during gameplay is the tremendous amount of fogging that clouds your vision. On top of that, the levels are tough to navigate through smoothly because you have to run after enemies and destroy both them and the tanks where they're being generated. This often results in confusion, and you'll find yourself running in circles. This is nerve-racking and makes the levels seem that much more drawn out. The controls are not intuitive either; they're fairly choppy and take time to get used to. The left and right strafing feels more like a cow falling over than a quick side-step, and the up and down scope movement feels like you're holding a bazooka more than a snowball.

Cheesy Poofs
If there was one cool feature about South Park it would have to be the motivation to unlock all of the characters so you can hear their voices and one-liners. Otherwise, this game lacks severely in several departments. It doesn't seem like much time was put into developing the one player experience and without the fourplayer option, it's even more painful to tolerate. If South Park is targeted at older, more mature audiences, than why wasn't the game developed with those people in mind? The sound is good, but the difficulty and overall idea behind this game seems more like it's targeted for kids who are too young and na?ve to even understand the humor of South Park.

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