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Episode 11: At the Beginning of Summer Vacation
All sorts of things have happened in the currently ending school term. Arima tells Yukino that he won't be able to see her for a while because he'll be taking part in the upcoming Kendo tournament.
Without Arima, Yukino finds herself spending Summer Vacation with female friends for the first time in her life. She puts a bold face on it, but Tsubasa acts very strangely...

Screenplay: Anno Hideaki�^Storyboards: Ito Naozumi�^Director: Ando Ken�^Animation Director: Imaishi Hiroyuki�^Art Director: Sato Katsu

Episode 12: Where Is Happiness
Tsubasa, opposed to her father's remarriage, declares that she will stay at Yukino's house instead of going home. Yukino is confused, but finally Tsubasa and Maho end up staying at the Miyazawa house. A phone call from Azusa brings Tsubasa's father and his new fiancee.

Screenplay: Anno Hideaki. Storyboards: Okuda Seiji. Director-Animation Director: Tsurumaki Kazuya. Art Director: Sato Katsu

Episode 13: The Subjectivity of Happiness
Tsubasa is opposed to her father's remarriage, but realizing that her opinions carry no weight, she gives in and agrees to meet her stepbrother-to-be, who turns out to be a blond punk rocker named Kazuma. His remarks burn Tsubasa, and everything goes right to hell. Later, they meet by chance in the street, with very different results.

Screenplay: Anno Hideaki. Director-Storyboards: Otsuka Masahiko. Animation Director: Hiramatsu Tadashi. Art Director: Sato Katsu

Episode 14: The Story So Far

Digest Episode.

Screenplay-Director: Anno Hideaki

Episode 15: The Things We See Beyond Voices
Arima and Yukino are separated from one another by training camp over Summer Vacation. An unexpected phone call from Arima makes Yukino's heart beat faster.
Asaba, meanwhile, bored because Arima isn't around, shows up at Yukino's house, where Tsukino and Hanano make him welcome. Hiroyuki, their father, is not at all happy with this development, however.

Screenplay: Anno Hideaki. Storyboards: Ito Naozumi. Director: Iwazaki Yoshiaki. Animation Director: Takamura Kazuhiro. Art Director: Sato Katsu

Episode 16: A Line Stretching to Eternity
The Miyazawa Family assembles for a trip to Grandfather's house.
There they find an old photograph of Yukino's mother Miyaka, who looked just like Yukino at the same age.
Yukino's parents grew up together, and fell in love when Miyaka was a high-school freshman, the same age Yukino is now. Hiroyuki lived alone with his grandfather when he was little.

Screenplay: Anno Hideaki. Storyboards-Animation Director: Ogura Noriyuki. Director: Otsuka Masahiko. Art Director: Sato Katsu

Episode 17: Not at Home (Working Title)
Yukino receives a letter from Arima, away at the Kendo tournament, that makes her think of him all the more. Then the moment she's waited for comes: Arima returns to her, looking taller than before. This leads her to feel differently about him than she did before.

Screenplay: Anno Hideaki. Storyboards-Director: Sasai Kenichi. Animation Director: Usudani Shigeyuki. Art Director: Sato Katsu

Episode 18: On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (Working Title)
Arima has suffered grievously at the hands of his relatives over the disappearance of his father. Before he met Yukino, his foster parents were the only positive influence in his life. Now, however, he has come to depend on her greatly for emotional support. Now, however...

Screenplay: Anno Hideaki. Storyboards: Sato Junichi. Director: Sahaku Shoji. Animation Director: Hiramatsu Tadashi. Art Director: Sato Katsu.

Episode 19: 14 Days (Working Title)
Synopsis TBA

Screenplay: Anno Hideaki. Storyboards-Animation Director: Imaishi Hiroyuki. Director: Kimura Ryuichi. Art Director: Sato Katsu.

Episode 20: 14 Days <Juvenile T> (Working Title)
Junami is a transfer student who was teased by Tsubaki for being overweight all through grade school and intermediate school. Determined to change himself, he returns in a very handsome form, practically a different person.
Aya, meanwhile, tells Yukino and company that she wants them to act out a play she's written for the school festival.

Screenplay: Sato Hiroki. Storyboards: Fujii Masahiro, Takahashi Yuuichi. Director: Suzuki Yuki. Animation Directors: Fujii Masahiro, Takahashi Yuuichi. Art Director: Sato Katsu.