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D.A. won a second-place Morley for her story Speedo Optional.
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All That Is
A shippy poem from Scully's POV.
Poem/MSR, Rated PG, 1k

Things are not always as they seem. Told from the point of view of Mr. X.
Vignette, Rated R, 11k

Beast Within, The
Scully contemplates her future as a battle rages inside her body.
Vignette/Angst, Rated R, 5k

An anniversary is celebrated.
Vignette/UST, Rated PG, 12k

Cieca Fede
Was discovering the truth worth it?
*Nominated for a 1998 Starbuck!*
MSR/Angst, Rated PG-13, 14k

Day to Give Thanks
Mulder sits alone on Thanksgiving, pondering the effects of the Ephesian case on his life.
Vignette/Angst, Rated PG, 14k

Different Religion
Musings of a lonely man on Hanukkah.
Vignette/Angst, Rated PG, 8k

Fox's Den
Mulder is missing, and in her efforts to find him, Scully visits his apartment and dwells on her work, and life, with her partner.
*Nominated for a 1996 Spooky!*

UST/Angst, Rated PG, 17k

Fox's Den II - Roses Have Thorns
Mulder has been kidnapped and finds himself in an unusual predicament.
/UST/Angst, Rated PG, 23k

Fox's Den III - Home Sweet Home
The partners are reunited after a battered and bruised Mulder finds his way home.
UST/Angst, Rated PG, 12k

Scully helps Mulder through a corrective lens emergency.
UST/Humor, Rated PG, 16k

Holiday Conversations - God Rest Ye Weary Aliens
Snippets of conversations between our two favorite FBI agents as they stake out a UFO hot spot on Christmas Eve.
Vignette/Humor, Rated PG, 4k

I Lay a Rose Upon Your Grave
Mulder visits the grave of a special someone on Valentine's Day.
Vignette/Humor/Angst, Rated G, 4k

Kevlar Dreams
Mulder's curiosity gets the better of him and he pays another visit to Eddie Van Blundht.
*Nominated for a 1997 Morley!*

Humor/MSR, Rated R, 25k

Little Bunny Mulder
One of our favorite agents gets into the Easter spirit.
MSR/Humor, Rated PG-13, 13k

Living the Lie
Scully deals with the facts concerning her and Mulder's partnership after 'Gethsemane'.
UST/Angst, Rated PG, 14k

Scully attends a Halloween masquerade ball and the night proves to be one she will never forget.
MSR, Rated PG, 17k

Moonlight and Shadows
After attending one of the worst events of her life, Scully finds release in music. Not a song story but a story inspired by the music of Beethoven.
Vignette/MSR/Angst, Rated PG-13, 15k

Nowhere to Hide
Someone from Scully's past resurfaces...
*Nominated for a 1998 Starbuck!*
Action/Adventure/Angst, Rated R, 105k

On the Wings of Destiny
Don't let the title fool you. This is an action/adventure, not character musings.
Action/Adventure/Angst, Rated R, 115k

Peace of Mind
Mulder and Scully travel to the Pacific Northwest to investigate two fiery and unexplained deaths, but the agents soon realize that the case hits a little too close to home. Mulder/other, but still considered to be shipper-safe. ;-)
X-File/UST/Angst, Rated R, 234k

A Quiet War
The past, present and future, from the viewpoint of a secondary character.
Vignette, Rated PG-13, 13k

Scully speculates about her partner and his glasses.
Vignette/MSR/Angst, Rated PG-13, 5k

Speedo Optional
A string of bizarre murders send Mulder and Scully to a secluded resort in Florida.
*Won a second-place Morley for Best Humor!*

*Also nominated for a 1998 Starbuck!*
X-File/Humor, Rated R, 46k

As her life begins to return to normal, Scully seeks the answer to a nagging question.
*Nominated for a 1998 Starbuck!*
Vignette/UST, Rated PG, 26k

Walking That Line
Mulder contemplates the deal offered to him. Set during Redux II.
Vignette/Angst/UST, Rated PG-13, 9k

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