Rough and Ready Equestrian Games Equipment
Master Johannes the Black of the Athanor


TILTING COURSE FLAGGING: This is easily done by using simple stakes which-are--wrapped with heavy cord or rope, then hammered into the ground at 5 ft. intervals. Tent pegs either hold the line taut, and flagging of colored tape or ribbon should be tied along it's length at regular intervals. Flagging may be used for boundaries or to delineate a course, such this spear course.


SARACEN COURSE EQUIPMENT: Sharpened fir dowels of 4-8 ft in length are sharpened at one end, and strips of Velcro duct taped along the other. A block of Styrofoam makes a good head after being wrapped and having punched through the center with an ice pick. Heavy cord is threaded through and knotted at both ends one of which is soundly bound to the pole about a foot from the top. The 'head', is taped to the cube. The cube now has a piece of Velcro with the 'negative' surface taped to one side, and may be mounted upon the pole as shown at right A hay bale will support the entire assembly in an upright position for games.


RING TILT EQUIPMENT: For a ring stand, take a 8-10 ft. fir dowel and sharpen one end. Take another piece of dowel, this one about 24 in. long, and duct tape a piece of Velcro at each end, being careful to have them both on the same side. Now center the short dowel atop the long one as shown at right and heavily tape it into place. Rings may be made out of floral paper rope, leather thong or cord by coiling and spiral taping, placing a strip of the other side of Velcro along the top. A hay bale supports the entire assembly, as shown at right. Be sure to set the bales lengthwise along course


SPEAR TARGET: Paint the target shown upon a 18 X 18 piece of corrugated cardboard, then duct tape to a hay bale with crossing tapes (see picture). The target bale should be made to lean at a 45 degree angle across another bale.