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Blue Wizard Is About To Die!: Prose, Poems, and Emoto-Versatronic Expressionist Pieces About Video Games (1980-2003):

"A romp to read... poignant and funny... [Blue Wizard] is worth the $15 even if you keep it around just to hand it to people who will say 'I don't get it."

-Heather Newman, Detroit Free Press

"There was only one item that all Game Informer staff members gladly plopped down $15.00 for at this year’s Classic Gaming Expo [Blue Wizard]… If you've spent any amount of time with the titles covered [in the book], there are few things funnier in this universe."

-Game Informer Magazine

“A perfect diversion”

-Jefferson City News Tribune

"I laughed, I cried, I took a break to play some Arkanoid. Okay, so maybe I didn’t cry."

-Demian Linn, Editor-At-Large, Electronic Gaming Monthly

"Though Barkan portrays the 1980's as the golden era of gaming, there is a sadness here beyond the nostalgia, irony and humor that might ultimately prove to be an adept metaphor for life itself... You get a lot of bang for your poetry buck with this book… For the price of a handful of quarters, Barkan brings it all back to you with linguistic pyrotechnics that remind us of those addictive but cheesy side-scrolling games."

-Ryan G. Van Cleave, author of Contemporary American Poetry: Behind The Scenes, editor of The Longman Anthology of Poetry, and co-editor of Like Thunder, and American Diaspora (University of Iowa Press)

"There is insight, humor, irony, and humanity to be found in these pages... If you were an Eighties arcade kid like Barkan, chances are you'll find resonance here. If you weren't, you might derive a thoughtful chuckle or three anyway."

-Marc Polonsky, author of The Poetry Reader's Toolkit

“I love it…[Barkan is] the first poet of the Video Game Age.”

-Jed Margolin, engineer of the Battlezone and StarWars arcade games at Atari and holder of US Patent 4,179,124 ‘Electronic Video Game’

"...a compelling anthology of work."

-Jon M. Gibson, Gamespy

"In a perfect world, there would be no message boards full of the incomprehensible ramblings of gamers everywhere trying desperately to put into words the essence of so many hours whiled away at their strange and oft-misunderstood passion. There would only be poems like these."

-Kevin Anderson, poster of over 3,000 messages to the website’s forum.

“Read Blue Wizard in the same sense you would play Frogger or watch The A-Team… for a taste of nostalgia.”

Ken Brown, Editor of Computer Gaming World

"Perhaps such in-depth analysis of a medium that so often breeds simplicity is unwarranted, but who cares when the results are this crazy-funny. If you ever had the pleasure of enduring a Timezone lock-in in your lifetime, then this collection will especially remind you pleasantly of such days, when the biggest concern was reaching that twenty cent piece that got pushed so far underneath the immovable Gauntlet machine"

-Tim Koch, Vibewire (Australia)

“The poems tend to stand alone, [even] if read without [understanding the] references to video games.”

-David Allen Evans, Poet Laureate of South Dakota

“[Barkan earns] a classic gaming badge of honor.”


“…[after reading Wizard] some of us gamers will find we enjoy poetry more than we thought possible. Maybe we just needed the right kind.”

-Ernie Halal, Gaming-Age

"All I want for Christmas is this book."

-A Month Full of Wednesdays Weblog

What Critics Have Said About Barkan's First Book:

"Seth ‘Fingers’ Flynn Barkan (AKA Doktor Nicodemus Strangelove) is a stone-cold genius; he’s also a damn fine poet."

Jarret Keene, author of Monster Fashion (ManicD Press), and A&E Editor for Las Vegas CityLife

"Imagine hot Las Vegas nights strung out on speed while listening to Tom Waits and reading Charles Bukowski and there you have the poetry of Sin City native Flynn Barkan."

-Gigi Generaux, Las Vegas CityLife

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